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Would indoor skydiving attraction go over well in Myrtle Beach SC?

Indoor skydiving attractions are in many places around the country, but one has yet to set up shop in Myrtle Beach SC.

Would such a thing to do be of interest?

The facilities like iFLY Indoor Skydiving in Kansas City allow someone to float on air in a massive indoor chamber. The experience resembles the free-fall feeling of actual skydiving, but without the risk of a parachute not opening.

How does it work?

A vertical wind tunnel has fans at the top to draw air through the flight chamber and then push it back down the sides through Return Air Towers. That leads to an inlet contractor that compresses & speeds up the air before it reenters the flight chamber. The result: a smooth column of air that enables you to fly.

Packages in Kansas City range from $70 to $300, with the most expensive being for up to 10 flights for a family of 5 with an accompanying video.

Tell us if you think an attraction like this should come to Myrtle Beach.