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Myrtle Beach Tattoo Shops -- Doctors, lawyers, even Presidents -- Ink is no longer a dirty little secret gone are the days when the only people wearing tattoos and body art were the outcasts, the rebels, and the biker gangs.

That generalization is dying, thankfully, and society is finally starting to realize that people with tattoos actually AREN’T in fact terrible people.

Times have changed, and you’re more than likely to see a sexy mermaid peeking out from your doctor’s lab coat, or a full sleeve peeking out from underneath your attorney’s blazer.

Does your 16 year old daughter have a tattoo?  Probably, and that’s ok.  Tattoos are becoming more and more a normal part of society, from the boss all the way down to the mailroom.  People are learning that it’s ok to express themselves in different ways, and as we progress into the future, tattoos are becoming more and more a part of that expression.

In fact, 35 0f the first 43 U.S. Presidents reportedly have tattoos. Some notable examples:

  • U.S. President Andrew Jackson had a giant tattoo of a tomahawk that ran down the length of the inside of his thigh.
  • President James Buchanon had a tattoo of a scantily clad woman on his chest with the initials BFL (bachelor for life).
  • U.S. President James Polk is said to be the first white man to have a Chinese character as a tattoo.
  • President Theodore Roosevelt had his family crest tattooed on his chest.
  • William McKinley with a cartoon representation of himself as the Monopoly man carrying a bulging sack with a $ symbol.

In the spirit of a rejuvenated passion, let’s take a look at some of the best tattoo shops dotted along the Grand Strand in Myrtle Beach.  Trust me, it matters where you go to get your work done.

NOTE: The state of South Carolina prohibits tattooing anyone under the age of 21.  If a person is at least 18, they may get a tattoo with parental consent.


Red Raven is Myrtle Beach’s all custom tattoo studio and art gallery. 

Red Raven Art Company is the culmination of a collective vision to create a vibrant gallery space for the burgeoning local art community, as well as a complete uprooting and revamping of the stereotypical image of a tattoo studio – a space where all aspects of art intertwine while making the tattoo experience exquisite, comfortable, enjoyable and unique.


Elite Ink Tattoos of Myrtle Beach is South Carolina’s oldest tattoo studio. Their

reputation for producing quality artwork, upstanding hospitality and cleanliness has allowed them to expand from a three room studio to an eight room studio in just a few short years. Elite provides luxuries most studios don’t, such as TVs all throughout the studio, a pool table and comfortable couches in the waiting area, drink and snack machines, free wi-fi, and computers for browsing the internet just to name a few. Their knowledgeable counter staff is here to assist you with getting your appointment set up or getting you hooked up with an artist to get that tattoo you’ve always wanted today. So drop by and see why Elite is voted “Best of the Beach” year after year.


Aces High Tattoo of Myrtle Beach, home to the top tattoo artists in Myrtle Beach, SC, is

welcoming the 2015 season with an ultra-clean and comfortable “Hot-Rod” themed tattoo

studio. The  studio is something to brag about. The cleanest and most comfortable shop worked by some of the best tattoo artists you’ll ever meet. Aces High’s open-booth design shows how clean they keep their shop from the moment you walk in, and provides a fun environment!  Swing by and have a great experience in the coolest tattoo studio on the beach!


A local favorite, Hero Tattoo has stood the test of time, and continues to produce quality work.  With two convenient locations in Myrtle Beach and Conway, Hero serves the Grand Strand with some of the best tattoo artists the beach has ever seen.

Karma Tattoo in Myrtle Beach SC has the best artists around and the experience and portfolios

to back it up! Their shop is very clean and has a very down home feel to it. They put the customer first and work with them one-on-one to give them the quality art that they came for! Karma has thousands of designs to choose from, or their artists can custom design anything that you can think of!

These are just a few of the many tattoo parlors in the area.  Whether it’s tattoos, piercings, gauging, or any other type of body modification, head on over to our Specialty Stores section to take a look at all that Myrtle Beach has to offer.