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Legends in Concert is back with an all-new show for the spring season!

Legends in Concert is back with an all-new show for the spring season and the result is, how can we put this … LEGENDARY.

The Blues Brothers delight as always, as do Diana Ross and Elvis. A welcome addition to the cast is new act Brooks & Dunn, portrayed by Legends alums Larry Turner and Doug Brewin. Newcomer and Canuck Aaron Tessis, hailing from Toronto, Canada, opens the show as Buddy Holly and perfectly captures the late performer’s onstage presence.

When Jake and Elwood take the stage as the Blues Brothers, it feels as if you’re sitting in a crowded theatre surrounded by state police in sweet home Chicago. Dan Meisner and Russ Peterson don the fedoras and Ray Bans as the iconic duo, and they certainly don’t disappoint. From Meisner’s outgoing Belushi-esque personality to Peterson’s deadpan straight man act, the Blues Brothers prove why they keep the crowds pumping in year after year.

Roz Thomas’s Diana Ross is spectacular as she hits every note and nuance perfectly.  The only thing missing is the Supremes, but Legends’ talented backup dancers shine as a wonderfully talented backdrop. Fans will love Ross’ classic hit songs as well as the fantastic wardrobe changes she was so famous for.

Turner & Brewin’s Brooks & Dunn is a must-see for the new spring show. The duo, notable for portraying George Strait and Alan Jackson, respectively, are perfect stand-ins for Kix Brooks & Ronnie Dunn. The looks, voices, & onstage personalities of the two shine through in a wildly popular addition to the lineup.

Michael Chambliss’ Elvis is perfect, from the talk to the walk and especially the voice.  Chambliss captures Elvis’ iconic presence as he shows off years of Presley research put into action. Elvis Presley comes to life as soon as Chambliss puts on the jumpsuit, and proves that he deserves to wear the blue suede shoes.

Myrtle Beach has a lot to offer tourists and locals alike, but be sure not to miss Legends in Concert’s brand new spring show with tons of wonderful music, dancing, nostalgia, and more!