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The Palace Theatre's 'Hot Jersey Nights' Christmas Special is a perfect complement to the holiday season in Myrtle Beach SC

The Palace Theatre ushers in the holiday season with “The Jersey Nights Christmas Special,” a show unlike any other on the Grand Strand.

Alex Bartosch’s Frankie Valli is flawless, as the four perfectly mimic every nuance of the Four Seasons, from the sound right down to the choreography, magically transporting you back to the malt shop on the corner. Kevin Littlejohn, hailing from Aberdeen, Scotland, delights as the show’s emcee and comic relief, and Nathan Parrett and Michael Linden shine, proving to be more than qualified to fill the roles of the Four Seasons. Walking out of the show you forget just how good music used to be, as each song brings back a wave of memories that won’t quickly wash away.

Frankie Valli only released one Christmas album in 1966, and the quartet perfectly matches that iconic sound. The show’s backup dancers are on point as well, perfectly executing a background ambience to drive the show’s effect home.

Naturally, the Four Seasons were known first and foremost for their non-holiday tunes, and this is where the group’s talents truly shine through. While still impressive, the musical holiday touch to the show brings it all together for a unique holiday experience. The set changes add to the magic, transforming from a bar scene, to a holiday party, to a malt shop setting, a perfect backdrop to Valli’s “Stay.” In addition to the amazing talent you’re exposed to, the four singers provide an array of Four Seasons history and trivia along the way.

With tributes to the Beach Boys and the Temptations, the show offers something for everyone. Toward the back end of the special, the group offers a tribute to the troops, and there is nothing more touching than a tribute to absent sons, daughters, mothers and fathers, husbands and wives. The show delivers a heartfelt message with “I’ll be Home for Christmas,” set to a montage of returning soldiers; the segment won’t leave a dry eye in the house. Brace yourselves, folks.

Following this amazing segment, the group then enlists the help of audience participation for a rendition of “You’re Just Too Good To Be True,” in which one lucky lady (sorry, guys) is invited onstage to be serenaded by the Four Seasons before they finish out the show with a strong Valli set list.

If nothing else, the show will leave you convinced you were born in the wrong era as you watch the four crooners harmonize through a strong show, leaving you reminiscing of the lost street corner singers that only some were lucky enough to hear.

If you’re in the market for an amazing show to treat the family to, don’t miss out on “The Jersey Nights Christmas Special” at The Palace Theatre in Myrtle Beach SC.