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Local living like a tourist in Myrtle Beach SC visits Carolina Comedy Club

Carolina Comedy Club is the relatively new kid on the comedy scene in the Grand Strand, opening at Broadway at the Beach in March of 2012. Larry Frakes and Jeff Martin had a vision that comedians would find the Grand Strand a great area to perform. Many of the comedians are big names but, according to Martin, some may be relative unknowns. Usually within six months to a year, many become household names on various shows including Comedy Central.

Frakes and Miller tested the waters in the Grand Strand several years prior in Murrells Inlet with Stand Up Carolina. The venue did well until, like most businesses in the country, it turned south along with the economy. So when Broadway at the Beach approached them, they decided to give it another try and we are glad they did.

I was a comedian and loved comedy movies. It is awesome when you can tell that someone who comes in has had a bad day and then you see them smile from the jokes,” Miller told me when we spoke recently.

I went to the show for the first time last week. I had been there before for special events but never for a regular show.

Jamie Morgan, who serves as the emcee and General Manager at Carolina Comedy Club, was the first comedian to come on stage. He is actually quite funny in a casual sort of way. He told some jokes about drivers from New York and Virginia trying to get around in Myrtle Beach and the situations locals see on a daily basis. He was also able to put humor in an encounter with a former classmate who only had one arm.

The second comic to come on stage, Vilmos, surprised me as I thought he was a bouncer. He is very sinister looking and uses it in his act. He commented on a recent visit to a restaurant where the service was slow and asked in a joking way, “who do I have to kill to get a steak?’ Before he knew it the National Guard was brought out. I found him quite funny and most of the jokes cannot be repeated in the column. You will just have to go see him live.

I wasn’t as thrilled with the headliner, Shane Mauss. He was on crutches from an accident and that may have slowed down his delivery. Many of his jokes had to do with his childhood. In fact he joked that he does not want children because he was a horrible child.

But that is the wonderful thing about the comedy circuit – the comedians change often. I love to laugh and would definitely come back.

The original design of the club was for the green room (where the talent hangs out) to be upstairs. He would like to see that happen as well as a balcony which would include additional seating including an area for VIPS. “The sky is the limit,” Miller said.

Until next week…enjoy all the Grand Strand has to offer.

Since July 2011, Sherrie has been living in North Myrtle Beach and sharing the best that the Grand Strand has to offer. From people to events, Grand Strand Happening is your source for everything fun from Little River to Murrells Inlet.