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Local living like a tourist has dinner with scallywags at Pirates Voyage in Myrtle Beach SC

“Ahoy mateys,” said my guide. “Arrg follow me.” No, I wasn’t on a ship, but rather at home in Myrtle Beach at Pirates Voyage, Dinner and Show.

One of the newer venues on the Grand Strand, Pirates Voyage took over the space of Dixie Stampede on Bypass 17 close to 82nd Street, swapping one Dolly Parton Company-owned venue for another. It is an action-packed dinner show with pirates sparring and performing acrobatic feats while infusing some comedy and even a love story.

The meal is plentiful and tasty consisting of creamy vegetable soup, bread, half  a roasted chicken,  BBQ pork, corn on the cob, a herb-basted potato and for dessert, a piece of apple pie.

The audience is encouraged to be part of the action and divided into the Crimson or Sapphire teams and asked to root for their respective band of pirates led by Captain Blackbeard and his quarter master Calico Jack. The crews battle on land, on the deck of the ship, in water and high above in a 15 foot deep indoor hideaway lagoon.

Since this was my fourth time seeing the show, I knew what to expect.  Some of the songs and choreography change, but each show has the similar plot of the pirates searching for the treasure of Davy Jones.  The show begins with the cast demonstrating their acrobatic and strength skills while the ghost of Davy Jones rises from the sea.

While the pirates are cleaning the ship and searching for the treasure, a little comic relief is added by a castaway looking for a little dry land.  I found it a little silly but the younger members of the audience seemed to enjoy the humor.

The show continues with competitive games between the two teams.  Audience members, young and old pre-picked before the show, get to join in the fun. Not to outdo the humans, the competition includes dogs chasing balls in the water and a performance by Salty the Sea Lion.

If you have the time, arrive about 45 minutes early for the pre-show.  You will be entertained by pirates teaching you how to talk like a pirate and sing pirate songs.

Until next week … enjoy all the Grand Strand has to offer.

Since July 2011, Sherrie has been living in North Myrtle Beach and sharing the best that the Grand Strand has to offer. From people to events, Grand Strand Happening is your source for everything fun from Little River to Murrells Inlet.