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Local living like a tourist enjoys live experience at Theatre of the Republic

One of the big things I missed when I moved south to Myrtle Beach was live musical theater.

Having grown up outside of New York City and later living in the Philadelphia suburbs, I had access to theater, both on Broadway and national tours, whenever I wanted.

I had heard about the Theatre of the Republic in Conway, and in fact had often received press releases from the company, but never made it to show.  It wasn’t until a group of friends decided to go to see Avenue Q that I thought, “why not?” It had a good run on Broadway and was supposed to be funny.

Before I continue, I have to advise that this play is only for adults. Myrtle Beach is known as a family destination and the vast majority of the places I report on are appropriate for all ages.  This is not!  Think of Sesame Street on steroids. It is also not for the faint of heart.  Avenue Q is about as politically incorrect as a show can be.

That being said, I thought the play was hysterical.  Avenue Q is a puppet show where the humans are on stage. If the humans were behaving as the puppets did, this show would be  x-rated.

The story opens with Princeton, a recent college grad searching for his new home all the way downtown on Avenue Q because he could not afford anything else. As soon as he moves in he finds out that the job he was promised had been downsized. Princeton then breaks into a funny song, “What do you do with a B.A. in English?”  Next the cast breaks into “It Sucks to Be Me,” with all the inhabitants of Avenue Q bemoaning their personal situations.

The story continues with all characters trying to figure out their purpose in life and how to make it out of Avenue Q.

I was pleasantly surprised by the production: the, quality of singing, the set design and how lively the show was.  The shows final performance was on Sunday, but I look forward to the remainder of the season, which includes Rent and Gypsy, which are two of my personal favorites.

Until next week … enjoy all the Grand Strand has to offer.

Since July 2011, Sherrie has been living in North Myrtle Beach and sharing the best that the Grand Strand has to offer. From people to events, Grand Strand Happening is your source for everything fun from Little River to Murrells Inlet.