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Local living like a tourist visits Myrtle Manor in Myrtle Beach SC

“Welcome to Myrtle Manor” is a reality show based on a real mobile park in Myrtle Beach called Patrick’s Mobile Home Park. I dropped by to meet the cast and find out more about them. What surprised me was that I met a group of warm and friendly people, not the crazy characters that are usually portrayed on TV.

I met owner Cecil Patrick at the door and he told me to go inside and meet his wife, Barbara, who was working on the family businesses at the time (a finance company, manufactured homes as well as the mobile home park). She called in her daughter, Dana Painter, to answer my questions about how Patrick’s Mobile Home Park ended up on a reality show.

Dana shared that in the winter of 2012 the family watched outside as some cars went by and continued to go up and down the street. Later they received a phone call, answered by Dana’s sister Becky. “You need to come in; you won’t believe who is on the phone,” she told the family. This guy said he wants to rent seven trailers and pitched a reality TV show.”

“We laughed because we thought it was a scam,” Dana told me. “He asked us to get the two loudest people in Myrtle Beach. So we suggested Gina with a G [a hairdresser and owner of Tangulls Salon] and Jeana with a J [their aunt and now narrator of the show]. We knew each other most of our lives so it seemed like a natural choice,” said Dana.

The producers then headed to the Boulevard to look for eccentric characters and had them audition for the show.

So I asked Dana, why Patrick’s Mobile Home Park? She told me that the Harvey Weinstein Company pitched the idea for the reality show to Jupiter Entertainment. The owner of Jupiter used to vacation in Myrtle Beach and the rest, they say, is history.

Here’s a little bit more from our conversation with the family behind Patrick’s Mobile Home Park:

GSH: “ It is now two years later and you are ready to go into production for the third season. Thinking back over the last two years, would you do it again?”

Dana Painter (DP): “We have been working our tails off, but yes, we would do it again. But we would do a few things differently. We have been working 12 hours a day on our own businesses while promoting the show. We had hoped that the network would promote it a little more.”

Sherrie Glensky: “How are you promoting the show?”

DP: “Cecil and Becky often go out into the public to promote and we are also active on social media. We also have a gift shop.”

SG: “Does the family like that they are recognized in public?”

Barbara Patrick (BP): “It’s fun. I cut my head and had to go to the ER. The doctor come into the room and said he had been watching the show! We are also meeting people here at the trailer park that wants to meet us. We have had visitors from 16 foreign countries, eight Canadian provinces and all 50 states.”

SG: “How much of the show is real?”

BP: “90 percent or more.”

SG: “What are your final thoughts on the show?”

DP: “If the show made you laugh, then we did our job. For some people, it is on their bucket list to come and that makes up happy. The production company has been great and has given back to our residents in our community.”

BP: “We have been able to give back to the community as well through donations to the schools, Backpack Buddies and more. We also work with Associated Charities on 8th Avenue with our donations and purchases.”

That was two of the quickest hours I have ever spent. I really enjoyed my time getting to know the family and was made to feel very welcome.

To keep up with the show, follow them on Facebook.

Until next week … enjoy all the Grand Strand has to offer.

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