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Registration under way for Dirty Myrtle Mud Run on Aug. 30 in Myrtle Beach SC

Fans of getting down and dirty will get their chance in Myrtle Beach SC on Aug. 30, when the Dirty Myrtle Mud Run takes place in the Carolina Forest community.

The mud race is open to all ages, with a  kids course of about a mile and a 3-mile course for adults sure to test your endurance. Their are a bevy of obstacles to overcome, from low-crawling under wire and wood to the waist-deep pits sure to slow the most fit of competitors.

A list of possible obstacles can be found at the bottom of this story, but there is something to challenge everyone without spoiling the fun one has just rolling in the mud.

The event begins at 9 a.m. with males leaving the starting line, followed by females at 9:20, male teams at 9:40, co-ed teams at 10, female teams at 10:20 and kids at 11 a.m.

There are a plethora of prizes, sure to please locals and those who visit Myrtle Beach SC looking for a challenge.

You can get more information by visiting the Dirty Myrtle Mud Run website.

Here is a list of possible obstacles:

  • Through pond – 5 ft deep
  • Barbed Wire Ditch Crawl – Crawl head first through a narrow, wet ditch and avoid the barbed wire
  • Muck It Up – Up and over log beams
  • Dirty Ballerina – Jump over the mud pits
  • Tire Pendulum – Run through the swinging tires
  • Concrete Beams – Run over the concrete Beams
  • Run Through the Ditch to the other side
  • 100 Meter Team Wheel Barrel/Indviduals carry sandbags
  • Run in and out of Mud Hole
  • 50 Meter Backward Bear Crawl – Crawl on your back using your arms
  • Grinders – Up and Under the wooden beams
  • Tubes – Crawl through the tubes
  • Tire Flip – Big Tires for Teams and smaller tires for individuals
  • Barrel Roll – Teams and Individuals roll barrels of water across the sand
  • Duffel Bag Carry for teams and individuals
  • Into the Trenches – Crawl through the darkened trench until you find your way to the end
  • Railroad Ties – Go under water to get under each railroad tie
  • Burpees  – Nothing is more fun than 10 burpees
  • Through the Ditch – Back to the front side
  • 25 foot hill – a little bit bigger hill. This time haul a sand bag with you
  • 30 foot hill – The final hill.
  • Tire Obstacle – maneuver through the maze of tires
  • Climb out of The Hole – Pull yourself out of the 10 ft ditch filled w water
  • Hay Bales – Up and over
  • Storm Drains – crawl through the tiny, dark storm drains to get to the other side to be greeted by a pool of ice
  • Mud Crawl – Finish the race by crawling through a lot of mud