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Best food challenges in Myrtle Beach SC: Our list of the top eating challenges on the Grand Strand

When it comes to food, quality is always better than quantity.

But isn’t both even better?

The Myrtle Beach SC area is home to some of the most tantalizing and tasty eating challenges one could hope to find. Fresh, hot food piled high on the plate to tempt your eating prowess, or even an ice cream test that allows you to keep the plate if you succeed.

There’s something for everyone when you visit Myrtle Beach, from those who think they can handle anything hot there’s BARnacles Blazing Wing Challenge to pizza fans who think they could team up with friends and conquer a 30-inch pie at Fox’s Pizza Den to the grandaddy, Thorny’s Steakhouse & Saloon’s 80 0z. steak dinner challenge.

Here’s a list of our favorite challenges in the Myrtle Beach restaurant scene. Peruse the particulars and let us know which one you would try.

Whether it’s meat, pizza or ice cream, your eating prowess – successful or failed – is sure to be a lasting memory of a Myrtle Beach vacation. • Why it made the list: One would think that eating an 80 oz. steak, salad, roll and baked potato in an hour would be impossible, but two have conquered the behemoth bovine serving. Contestants must pay in advance, can’t leave the table once time starts and cannot get sick. In case you’re not good at math, the steak alone is 5 pounds. • Why it made the list: Another 5 pound monster awaits at a Myrtle Beach restaurant favorite for years, Peaches Corner. Peaches Challenge includes a Peaches Double-Stacker (double/double cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato and mayo), a footlong hotdog (with mustard, chili, onions and slaw), large order of chili cheese fries and an extra-thick peach milkshake. Oh, and you must eat everything in 20 minutes to be a winner. • Why it made the list: Not looking to go solo when munching on mammoth proportions? Enlist the help of up to 2 friends when tackling The Big One at Fox’s Pizza Den in the Socastee community of Myrtle Beach. Teams will try to devour a 30-inch pizza with as little or many toppings as you choose in 45 minutes. Winners get a T-shirt, gift certificate and picture on the Wall of Fame.

• Why it made the list: This 5-pound challenge is the bomb .. literally. The Bomb Diggity consists of 4 grilled cheese sandwiches on Texas Toast with 3 kinds of cheeses, 3 half-pound burgers with lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and bacon, and a pound of french fries or sweet potato fries. Finish in an hour to get a T-shirt and gift card. • Why it made the list: Want to heat things up on your next Myrtle Beach vacation? Take on this hot wing challenge and try to eat 6 scorching hot wings in 6 minutes. No dipping sauces, drinks or even napkins during the duration of the challenge. It’s worth it for a T-shirt and immortality on the Wall of Fame, right? • Why it made the list: Need to cool down from the hot wing challenge or just a day on the sands of the Myrtle Beach SC area? Come see if you can best this 7 scoop, 5 topping  ice cream mountain in just 5 minutes. Win this, and you can keep the souvenir plate it’s served on, as well as a T-shirt and photo. • Why it made the list: Prefer to stuff your face in an oceanfront venue? Take on The Jaws Burger, a 2-pound sandwich topped with french fries, bacon, chili, fried egg, onion, lettuce, tomato, japalenos and American, Swiss, cheddar and nacho cheeses. Finish it within 30 minutes and it’s on the house, and a t-shirt will be on your back. • Why it made the list: You feeling lucky? Try this 16-inch Shamrock Supreme Pizza challenge. Finish the piping hot pie with pepperoni, ham, sausage, bacon, ground beef, mushrooms, green peppers, black olives, roma tomatoes, mozzarella and provolone blend and parmesan cheese in 20 minutes or less and you get it free. Oh, and they will throw in a t-shirt and immortality on the Wall of Fame.

• Why it made the list: You’ve got 30 minutes or less to eat a burger with 55 oz. of meat, at least 4 toppings, a side of fries and a 24 oz. drink for victory over The 55 Challenge. Don’t worry, you can walk off the meal at the Tanger Outlets stores … and you may need to find some bigger clothes. There are also locations in Georgetown, and Murrells Inlet.Did we miss a favorite food challenge. Let us know here and we’ll make sure everyone knows about it. Restaurant owners, if you want to start a challenge and want pictures and videos on the site, drop us a line at the previous link.