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Video: Take a drive down Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach many, a chance to see all the sights of downtown Myrtle Beach can be just as exciting as any local attraction or activity, and thus “cruising the strip” has long been a popular pastime for Myrtle Beach visitors.

While oftentimes the stretch of Ocean Boulevard that runs through downtown can be crowded with cars, pedestrians, bikes, etc., “people watching” and taking in the sounds of the street are just part of the fun.

Recently, we took a trip down to the boulevard with our Go-Pro camera to get a feel for what it’s like to drive through one of the busiest parts of town, filled with Myrtle Beach attractions, restaurants and shops.

Our cruise begins at 31st Avenue North and heads south to the Springmaid Beach Resort and Springmaid Pier. Check it out and see if you can find your usual hotel or favorite spot along the way.

We’ll be out roaming the beach all summer with our cameras so if there’s an area of town or an attraction you’d like us to get a better look at, drop us a line at and let us know.