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Broadway Grand Prix one of fastest Myrtle Beach attractions for families

The Grand Strand is full of fast fun, from banana boats and jetskis to scooter rentals and helicopter rides, but few things to do in Myrtle Beach will get your pulse racing like the thrill of racing around a track with your family speeding to the finish line.

That’s exactly the sort of excitement you can expect from a trip to Broadway Grand Prix in Myrtle Beach, a place where you can hop into a go-cart or race car, fasten your seat belt, and accelerate for an adventure around and around one of the many race tracks on site.

Hours can quickly fly by for a family or couple seeking a revved-up outing at one of the top Myrtle Beach attractions.

The park is near another popular local attraction, Myrtle Waves Water Park, one mile south, at Mr. Joe White Avenue Extension and U.S. 17 Bypass.

Sizing up the tracks

Seven go-cart rides anchor the SpeedPar with track names such as The Intimidator, The Competitor and Thunder Road, which embody the speed and spirit of the park.

After a walk through the SpeedDome Arcade welcome center and bearing right, visitors will encounter The Intimidator. Perhaps the most daunting part of this track might be the number of drivers eager to pass, roll by and round every hairpin turn without fear.

Younger drivers might find the SlideWayz oval, inside next door, less intimidating. With a maximum seven cars out at once, this slick track course can get crazy quick with drivers slipping and sliding around the course.

On the Intimidator’s other side, The Competitor might go a little more slowly, but its oval encompasses two sharp turns that can be fun and tricky.

A short jaunt across the park leads to two other large tracks.

The Family 500 looks longer, and coming with some hills and an extensive, loopy road path, in a pattern that looks like a piece from a jigsaw puzzle.

The Champions track nearby also looks challenging, with its narrow, curvy course, with no real straightaway in any portion.

The park’s most intense track racing experience is Thunder Road, one of two attractions not covered by the rides wristband. The Thunder Road track spans a twisty and challenging half-mile and is only for experienced drivers — meaning riders must show real-life driver’s licenses to qualify.

Families with small children won’t see them left out of the fun at this Myrtle Beach attraction, either. A 200-foot-long triangular track called The Qualifier lets youngsters at least 40 inches in height get behind the wheel.

This ride is part of “The Beginner’s Circle” area, which also includes a kiddie carousel.

Additional Thrills

Those looking for some non-racing fun at Broadway Grand Prix will enjoy the two miniature golf courses, which let parents and children unwind and relax after putting the pedal to the metal, or recharge before driving more.

And if you’re truly seeking thrills on your vacation, you’ll want to take a journey on the Skycoaster, a bungee ride that’s one of the best thrill rides in Myrtle Beach.

Hanging from an A-frame tower in a harness, riders — all facing downward — are pulled backwards into the sky more than 100 feet  before pulling a ripcord to launch themselves into at least three seconds of free fall before advancing to a descent in a pendulum-swinging motion that slows down gradually on return to solid earth.

This thrilling experience can hold up to three riders (depending on size) and is one of the fastest in the park.

Back inside the main building, visitors can continue their fun with a huge 20,000 sqaure foot SpeeDome Aracade. This state-of-the-art facility features more than 90 video games and redemption games including side-by-side linked racing machines, giant prize cranes, basketball, skeeball and many others.

There’s also a concessions area with a menu includes such cleverly named fare as the Gordon Caesar salad and J.J. Strips.

A quick look around will also reveal a hall of fame of sorts, filled with banners of past NASCAR champions including the likes of Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt and current racers such as Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon.

Whether it’s racing excitement, family fun or NASCAR spirit you’re in for, you’re sure to find it at the Broadway Grand Prix attraction in Myrtle Beach.

Want to go?

Broadway Grand Prix is free for spectators and those who want to experience the many rides at this Myrtle Beach attraction can do so in various ways.

Wristbands can be purchased at the park, or online for a discount. Prices vary by height, as you must be a certain height to ride most of the cars.NASCAR SpeedPark is located at 1820 21st Ave. N. Extension, at U.S. 17 Bypass, Myrtle Beach, across from the Palace Theatre and Broadway at the Beach.

It is open 10 a.m.-10 p.m. Sunday through Friday and 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Saturday.

Call 843-839-4080 or visit for more details.

This article is adapted from a review by The Sun News’ Steve Palisin published for the Kicks! Weekly Entertainment Guide. Read more local entertainment news here.