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More Myrtle Beach accommodations adding their own water parks

Water parks are becoming the latest must-have amenity for a growing number of campgrounds and resorts aiming to lure vacationers to their properties.

Forget the simple pool and lazy river. These water parks have massive, curving, colored slides and popular interactive water features such as drop buckets and squirt guns.

It’s a growing trend across the country as resorts aim to continually ‘wow’ guests, said Jeff Coy, president of JLC Hospitality Consulting, which has produced reports on hotel water park resorts.

Lakewood Camping Resort recently added a $2 million water park as part of an overhaul on the 55-year-old campground.

“We knew that would be a part of it,” Gomer said. “That makes a difference with the families.”

A $2 million water park is one of the key features being added this year at  Crown Reef Resort in Myrtle Beach, which is overhauling the property after being sold in August. Crews have been working on the towering structure on the oceanfront aiming to get it open by summer.

“It’s something that is exciting and gets attention,” said Matt Klugman, spokesman for Vacation Myrtle Beach, a group of hotels that includes the Crown Reef. “This is a true water park.”

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