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Crown Reef Resort in Myrtle Beach adds water park in major overhaul

The Crown Reef Resort in Myrtle Beach have spent more than $7.5 million this offseason to overhaul the property, adding amenities including a brand-new water park to the facility.

The resort, which includes three hotel towers and a conference center on the south end of Ocean Boulevard, was purchased in August for $16.1 million by a newly-formed group of hoteliers and investors known as Legacy Business Solutions.

Related contentThe renovations started last fall and the new owners hope the additions and room renovations — scheduled to be complete in May, in time for the tourism season —  will make the 20-year-old resort stand out amid the competitive Myrtle Beach accommodations market.

“The Crown Reef is such a great name, let’s take it where it needs to be,” said Matt Klugman, spokesman for Vacation Myrtle Beach, a cooperative of hotels that includes the Crown Reef.

The sprawling water park will have three slides, standing as tall as 38 feet, as well as a silly sub play area with water sprays and bucket dumps, joining the pools, lazy river and Jacuzzis that already were there.

“This is a true water park,” Klugman said. “It’s something that is exciting and gets attention.”

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