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Ripley's Aquarium in Myrtle Beach features new "SWARM" exhibit

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Ripley’s Aquarium, a Myrtle Beach wildlife attraction at Broadway at the Beach, has recently a brand-new exhibit called “SWARM” which studies the science behind schooling fish and other groups of sea creatures.

This hands-on, interactive area features displays include a schooling fish exhibit where you can crawl underneath and pop up in the middle and an interactive “doctor fish” exhibit where you can immerse your hands only to be swarmed by hundreds of fish that cling and feed on your loose skin.

In the SWARM exhibit you’ll also have a chance to observe and interact with many different creatures including Halloween crabs, American eels, Blubber jellyfish and others.

You’ll also be able to discover and unlock the mysteries of how and why thousands of animals dynamically coordinate their actions into a single, overwhelming force to create “super-organisms.” Many swarms may appear to be remarkably similar, but a closer look will reveal that they are governed by drastically different motives and mechanisms.

Check out this limited-time exhibit inside Ripley’s Aquarium and you’ll soon realize humans are not the only creatures that swarm together.

SWARM admission is included in the regular price of admission for all Aquarium guests. For more details on pricing or to purchase tickets visit or call (800) 734-8888.

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