New Hilton, Marriott among four hotels to watch for on Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach

Buchanan Hotel (6th Ave)

520 North Ocean Blvd.

New 237,000 sq ft 8-story hotel (240 guest rooms)

Permitted on 8/2/2016. Projected open: Spring 2018

Buchanan Hotel (17th Ave)

1706 N Ocean Blvd

267,000 sq ft highrise hotel (228) 1-bedroom Dwellings, 247 baths, sitework and 3rd row parking garage

Ocean 16 Hotel-Hilton

1600 North Ocean Blvd.


New 552,939 sq ft 26-story hotel with 330 dwellings, total of 520 bedrooms and 496 baths, 165,838 sq ft 5-story parking structure, and 9,978 sq ft 2-story preview/sales center.

Full set of construction plans under review. They require revisions.

Residence Inn by Marriott

2605 South Ocean Boulevard

New 305,964 sq ft 17-story high rise 191 bedroom hotel with parking deck, indoor & outdoor pools with beach access and 5′ aluminum picket pool fence.

Full construction plans under review. They require revisions.