Jo Hibachi serves quality Japanese fast in downtown Conway

Seaweed salad and shumai are some of Jo Hibachi’s offerings.
Seaweed salad and shumai are some of Jo Hibachi’s offerings.

During lunch time in Downtown Conway, the worker on their break will frequent local favorites like Jo Hibachi no matter how cold it becomes outside. This small Japanese restaurant has been on the corner of 3rd Avenue and Elm Street for over half a decade now and is known for their delicious hibachi entrees and express bowls.

With so many regulars on the go, Jo Hibachi has adapted to the traffic with quick service, for dine in or take out. The team’s speed doesn’t affect their service either, with smiles all around and the occasional familiar banter between customer and employee.

The atmosphere is lively and delightfully casual. The dining area is small and tends to fill up quickly during lunch and dinner. While some guests wait for their order to be brought out in bags, others sit themselves at tables after filling their cups and grabbing some utensils or condiments.

Jo Hibachi
Jo Hibachi serves an array of quick Japanese fare.

Jo Hibachi offers more than just standard hibachi fare by including Mahi Mahi, scallops, and filet mignon to the freshly grilled selection. All the hibachi meals are graciously sized and come with fried rice or noodles and vegetables. The express bowls are smaller versions of the meal, with the meats (or vegetables) served on top.

A few Japanese appetizers are part of the restaurant’s repertoire as well, such as gyoza and shumai, both popular types of dumplings. On this menu guests can also order a part of a hibachi entree instead of the entire meal, like grilled vegetables. Small salads and cups of soup make good sides, especially the house salad topped with homemade ginger dressing, or the crunchy seaweed salad.

Jo Hibachi Spicy Tuna and Shrimp Tempura Rolls
Jo Hibachi offers a selection of sushi.

No Japanese restaurant would feel complete without sushi, and Jo Hibachi offers a small collection of standard sushi rolls for fans of the cuisine. The well-known California roll is available, plus some tempura options for a crunch and spicy tuna for a kick. For something a tad more unusual, try their Cajun calamari or eel and cream cheese rolls.

Should a customer have a sweet tooth and room in their stomach, Jo Hibachi also has Japanese cake in vanilla or green tea flavor. The servers will bring your food to you and clean up the table after you leave, but there is also a small disposal area, which definitely helps during peak hours.

Small the restaurant may be, Jo Hibachi has mastered the art of speed without forgoing quality, and retaining great prices.

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What | Jo Hibachi

Where | 300 Elm Street, Conway

Hours | 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. Mon-Fri, 4:30 p.m. – 9 p.m. Sat

Information |, 843-488-3999