Carolina Ale House will bring new brews to the Strand

Across the street from the ever-changing Broadway at the Beach, construction has began in the old lot that was once Planet Hollywood. Carolina Ale House has begun their takeover, with a 9,000-square-foot building in the making that will have two floors, including a rooftop bar.

While the majority of Carolina Ale House locations are in, you guessed it, the Carolinas, the brand has leaked into other surrounding states, like Virginia, Georgia, and Florida. This restaurant-bar is growing in popularity due to the heavy sports dedication and great community interaction. Local teams and tournaments can be sponsored by their nearest Carolina Ale House.

The menu lineup consists of everything you’d expect to see at a bar, plus a little more. Burgers and wings there are aplenty, but also a couple types of pizzas and tacos.

Beer is also an important part of the Carolina Ale House experience, with a dozens of draft and bottled drinks available. Each restaurant also hosts its own events and specials, so there is no doubt we can expect to see a lot from our upcoming arrival. Currently, the restaurant is aiming to be open early this summer season, before the Fourth of July.

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Nearby Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen will be open in 2017, as well.

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Get ready for fun at Dave and Buster’s in summer 2017.

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