Wahlburgers franchise owner Greg Pranzo talks bringing the restaurant to the Carolinas, the food, and when to expect Mark & Donnie

Wahlburgers officially opened its lone location in the Carolinas at Broadway at the Beach October 2016, and franchise owner Greg Pranzo cites his affinity for the area as a major factor in bringing the restaurant to town.

“My family has been coming down here for years, and we love Myrtle Beach,” Pranzo said. “When we heard Broadway at the Beach was redoing Celebrity Square, we thought Wahlburgers would be a natural fit.”

Wahlburgers opened its first location in Hingham, Mass. in 2011 and since then, the brand has seen explosive success.

As the construction at Broadway at the Beach continues, Wahlburgers seems to be fitting in quite nicely. Despite opening at the end of the tourist season, the popular restaurant chain has already received a significant response from locals.

“After a couple [Wahlburgers] opened, and then you saw Coney Island be very successful too,” Pranzo says, “we were like you know what?  This would do well in Myrtle Beach.”

“The Myrtle Beach store is now the 12th store open in the brand,” Prazo continued, “with 35 more opening in the next 12 months.”

With the success of their popular reality show as well as nearly three dozen more locations opening in the course of a year, it looks like 2017 will be the year of the Wahlburger.