Top chicken wings restaurants in Myrtle Beach SC

Hot wings are a must-have when it comes to bar food.  What would a sporting event be without downing delicious all-white buffalo wings while snickering at your buddy whose face is covered in the spicy goodness? Let’s face it; the wings are essential.

That said, wings have become increasingly popular especially in the bar scene. Figures are probably somewhere in the trillions of dollars for the sports bar delicacy (that number’s not official) so with an industry so booming and no end in sight, we figured we’d give you the top five wing places in Myrtle Beach.

Fat Jack’s

Fat Jack’s in Surfside Beach has been making the Myrtle Beach area’s “best wings” lists for years. Their wings are plump and saucy, with dozens of choices for sauces (not counting the seasonal specialty sauces that the restaurant often cooks up).

353 US-17 BUS, Surfside Beach; (843) 238-3355;

Wing Kings

Wing Kings is locally owned and offers 20 different sauces that their fresh wings can be tossed in, including a great spicy teriyaki sauce, a suicide sauce that patrons are encouraged to eat at their own risk and a “mouth-puckering” lemon pepper sauce.

4480 Socastee Blvd, Myrtle Beach; (843) 293-4484

Bully’s Pub and Grill

Bully’s Pub and Grill has a wide-reaching menu that is perfect for those who like to try a little bit of everything.  The wings, however, are what keeps people coming back for more.

4868 US-17, North Myrtle Beach; (843) 272-4123;



Hooters is a great sports bar, with tons of choices for wings. There is a second Hooters location at the Myrtle Beach Mall as well. Hooters is easy to find, inexpensive, and offers a great view.

3901 N Kings Hwy, Ste 22B, Myrtle Beach; (843) 626-3467;

Sticky Fingers Ribhouse

Sticky Fingers wings are hickory-smoked and flash fried to capture and contain that smoky flavor. The hickory smoke is so popular that ordering the wings without any sauce is not uncommon. There two locations on the Grand Strand. One in North Myrtle Beach and the second at Coastal Grand Mall.

4200 Highway 17 South, North Myrtle Beach; (843) 663-PORK (7675)

2461 Coastal Grand Circle; Myrtle Beach; (843) 839-RIBS (7427)

Wild Wing Cafe

Wild Wing Cafe has the best wings south of Buffalo in 33 different made from scratch flavors, ranging from “Virgin” all the way up to “Braveheart.”

4706 Hwy 17 S, North Myrtle Beach; (843) 361-9464;

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings offers endless ways to customize your wings, with 16 signature sauces and five seasonings. There is a second Buffalo Wild Wings in North Myrtle Beach for people living or visiting further up the Grand Strand off of US 17 North.

1990 Oakheart Rd, Myrtle Beach; (843) 236-6868;

Oscar’s Food and Spirits

Oscar’s Food and Spirits in North Myrtle Beach is locally owned and has several wing sauces such as cajun, teriyaki, hotyaki, hbq & kickin honey mustard, garlic parmesan, and more.

4101 Hwy 17 S, North Myrtle Beach; (843) 272-0707;

Magoo’s Sports and Spirits

Magoo’s Sports and Spirits has been serving wings in Myrtle Beach since 1995. Their flavors include Buffalo, extra hot, suicide, teriyaki, TeryHot, Hong Kong, BBQ, Cajun, BuffaloGarlicParm, peanut Thai, golden sause and Garlic Parmiyaki.

3308 Waccamaw Blvd, Myrtle Beach; (843) 236-3303;

Again, there are a wealth of places to enjoy delicious hot wings in Myrtle Beach and along the Grand Strand, all so good they’re sure to satisfy. Even with all the great wing options in Myrtle Beach, you can’t eat chicken wings every night. Expand your horizons and check out our lists of best burgers or best BBQ in Myrtle Beach.

We also encourage you to leave your comments to let us, as well as other readers, know where your favorite hot wings and chicken wings are served.