Sea Captain’s House in Myrtle Beach SC completes renovations in an effort to keep up with the times

The Sea Captain’s House, one of the oldest remaining businesses on the Grand Strand, recently completed several renovations to its building as it continues to draw in thousands of customers year after year.

“There’s a number of reasons why I think Sea Captain’s House has been able to last and stick around, and maintain its popularity,” said Anna Brittain-Bratton, third-generation Sea Captain’s family in Myrtle Beach.

“One is our customer base; they’re very loyal which we greatly appreciate.”

Built as a beach cottage in the 1920s, the Brittains purchased the structure from the Taylor family with the intention of tearing it down and building a high-rise, but success came first and the rest is history.

“We have owned the Sea Captain’s House for 55, maybe 56 years,” Pat Brittain, first generation Sea Captain’s family said.  “Gradually through the years we’ve added on.”

“We bought it planning to build a high-rise,” Brittain continued, “and as soon as we had enough money we were going to tear it down and build a high-rise, but it kind of took off and was successful so…we’re still here.”

For those who have never been to Sea Captain’s House, Anna Brittain-Bratton summed it up perfectly.

“It’s a fun, casual, family friendly atmosphere.  You know, good food. It’s just a place to come and feel like you’re at home.”

Check out the video above for the complete interview.