Craving a cheesesteak? Here are the best in the Myrtle Beach area

There is no sandwich more tasty, tempting, debated or satisfying than the cheesesteak.

Traditionalists might say a true cheesesteak only includes steak, onions and cheese … and bread of course. That’s how  Pat and Harry Olivieri of Philadelphia, who are often credited with inventing the sandwich, did it in the early 1930s.

That’s why it’s called the Philly Cheesesteak.

A lot of different variations have emerged, however, including meats like chicken and a host of other vegetables.

One fact remains undeniable, the experience of biting into a large, toasty roll full of meat, grilled peppers and onions , and dripping with hot, melted cheese is a dinner favorite.

The Myrtle Beach restaurant scene has a wide offering of cheesesteaks, with plenty of places around the Grand Strand ready to satisfy your appetite.

Here’s a list of my favorites, but would love to hear your’s as well in the comment section. • Why it made the list: What some would consider a hole in the wall in the Socastee community of Myrtle Beach has far and away the best sandwich on the Grand Strand. You can choose from a host of pepper options from mild to hot, grilled or raw onion (or both), mushrooms and much more. The bread is excellent, especially when grilled, and the flavor simply phenomenal. • Why it made the list: Grilled right before your eyes, Best of Philly near the heart of Myrtle Beach has a sandwich sure to please. Piping hot, dripping with melted cheese and a host of toppings from which to choose. • Why it made the list: If you’re one who likes a bevy of cheese in proportion to the steak, the Cheesesteak Factory in Surfside Beach is for you. Perfectly seasoned meat and loads of dripping cheese make this a restaurant sure to please. • Why it made the list: The owner, a Philadelphia native, spent years perfecting that Philly style for both pizza and cheesesteaks. His work paid off, as your taste buds will soon see. • Why it made the list: Don’t let the specialty of pizza fool you, this succulent sandwich on a fresh, toasted bun will leave you ready for a return trip. When you want more, they have a second location in the Carolina Forest community. • Why it made the list: Yes, it’s a chain, but the Big Kahuna is a plus-size version of the sandwich shop’s Philly cheesteak. Big and bold flavors for the heartier appetite. There are 5 other locations in the area, including 2 more in Myrtle Beach, 2 in North Myrtle Beach and one in Conway.