New fishing pier coming to North Myrtle Beach?

For more than a year there has been talk among locals about building a new fishing pier at Sea Mountain Highway (aka S.C. Route 9) in the Cherry Grove area of North Myrtle Beach, after a plan to do so surfaced in early 2013.

While the project — which would be the first new public pier along the Grand Strand in 20 years — remains a possibility for the future it has now has become less of a priority accoriding to one of the businessmen who helped craft the plan for the pier.

Frank Boulineau, owner of Cherry Grove fixture Boulineau’s IGA and a number of other north end businesses, says he’s been focusing on other projects such as remodeling at his grocery store, and has been waiting to see if the economy is back on stable footing before diving into the pier project.

“It’s just kind of on hold right now,” he said. “It’s kind of been on the backburner.”

But despite the current holding pattern for the project, Boulineau says he still wants to build the pier.

The initial plan proposed a 1,200-foot-long pier that would include supporting amenities such as a restaurant, tackle shop and grill.

A final plan hasn’t yet been hashed out and the cost hasn’t yet been determined. Boulineau said last year that those who use the pier would pay a fee, but that hasn’t been set yet either.

“It won’t make anybody rich but it will be good for the community,” Boulineau said.

He said a pier would help North Myrtle Beach’s economy by giving visitors something else to do.

“We need more beach-oriented things to do,” he said.

Read more about the progress of this project; see the full story by The Sun News’ Dawn Bryant here.

Where it would be

The proposed location of the new pier in North Myrtle Beach is just a half-mile south of the Cherry Grove Pier. Though some believe the project would help bring business to the area, some residents don’t want another pier on the north end, saying it would create more traffic, lead to debris on the beach and attract sharks.