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Tammy Moorer’s sister appears to provide alibi for the night of Elvis’ disappearance

Tammy Moorer’s sister gave her an alibi for the time frame state prosecutors say Moorer and her husband, Sidney, kidnapped Heather Elvis in 2013.

Ashley Caison testified Thursday that at 3:10 a.m. on Dec. 18, 2013, Tammy Moorer texted her “home.” Ashley — who was staying with the Moorers’ children near their Highway 814 home — rustled the kids and sent them to the Moorers.

“They were outside, still waiting to unlock their door to get in,” Caison said of Tammy and Sidney when the kids left.

That text was the same time the state says Tammy and Sidney kidnapped Elvis from the Peachtree Landing area of Socastee. Elvis has not been seen since.

Tammy Moorer is on trial for conspiracy and kidnapping in connection to Elvis’ disappearance. Caison was the first witness called by the defense after some confusion to start the day.

Tammy Moorer showed little emotion Thursday as she watched her sister testify. Tammy Moorer previously told the judge she plans to testify in the case.

Caison said she knew of the affair between Sidney Moorer and Elvis. The state says Tammy Moorer’s jealousy and anger led her to conspire and kidnap Elvis.

Dec. 17 and 18 were unusual for Caison as she stayed up all night clipping coupons and texted Tammy about the sales.

At 3:10 a.m., Caison said she received the “home” text, which meant it was time to get the kids ready to return to the house.

Around 7 a.m., Caison said she took shopping loyalty cards from their truck and then went to a Bi-Lo while Tammy slept.

State solicitors didn’t belabor that testimony during their cross examination, instead focusing on other areas. One was surveillance cameras at the Moorers’ home. Caison said they installed the cameras days after Elvis went missing as the family was harassed in connection to the case.

During her Thursday testimony, Caison denied making several statements when she interviewed with police in 2013.

Prosecutors initially charged Tammy and Sidney Moorer with kidnapping and murder, but the murder charges were dropped. Sidney Moorer went to trial on the kidnapping charge in 2016, but a jury deadlocked. That case has not been retried and remains active.

Last year, a jury found Sidney Moorer guilty of obstructing the police investigation. Judge R. Markley Dennis, who was appointed to hear the case, sentenced him to 10 years in prison.

In April, a grand jury indicted Sidney and Tammy Moorer on conspiracy to kidnap charges.

Caison was the first witness allowed to take the stand for the defense after some confusion and misconduct allegations against some of the Moorer family were detailed Thursday morning.

Many in attendance expected Tammy Moorer to take the stand to start the day. However, the defense called Sidney Moorer to start its case, and some in gallery believed Tammy’s husband was the person called. But Christian Moorer, one of the Moorer children, entered the courtroom. Christian’s full name is Sidney Christian Moorer.

The state then alerted the court that members of the defense witness list violated a court order for sequestration by watching a live stream of the trial. Judge Benjamin Culbertson ordered a break to determine who violated the order.

Assistant Solicitor Chris Helms said all three of the Moorer’s children violated the term. A Horry County sheriff’s deputy testified she found the family in a room with a computer that was live streaming the trial.

Christian Moorer said he was in the witness room and knew he couldn’t watch a stream of the trial. He testified he didn’t watch the proceedings.

Culbertson found the sequestration order was violated and barred the children and others from testifying.

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