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Local school opens its doors to flood victims

While all Horry County schools remained closed Wednesday due to flooding, one school opened its doors despite the flooding.

Stacks of clothing and piles of food adorned the walls and tables inside the Ocean Bay Elementary School cafeteria and gym, as volunteers serve food, folded clothing and socialized with residents.

“… I know that kids … rely on the food and that kind of is where it started,” said Kerry Shuler, who serves as Ocean Bay Elementary School’s cafeteria manager. “It just sort of went like wildfire from there, just the neighborhood, and all the struggling that people have went through, (we) wanted to make sure we could give them at least one day where they could come in and not worry about some of the things that were going on in their lives.”

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews also pitched in, offering 200 hamburgers to those who have been affected by the floodwaters of Hurricane Florence.

“One of the things that Red Robin prides itself on is being very involved in the community,” said Amanda Busby, Red Robin’s vice president of operations. “It’s local and it’s happening to our neighbors, and our friends, and our guests, and so we just wanted to find a way that we could connect and be a part of it and help those in need.”

The event ran from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., but a Google form is available for those who are in need of clothing. The form asks for specifics on what families need with regards to sizing and quantity.

“There’s so many people in need, and there’s lots of ways that you can help,” Shuler said.

Information also can be found on Ocean Bay Elementary's Facebook page.