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Selfies and tours in space? NASA makes it possible with the launch of new apps

Selfies in outer space just became a thing.

NASA launched two new apps Wednesday that allow users to create space selfies and to virtually explore a planetary system, according to a recent press release from NASA.

Early adopters of the new selfie app wasted no time sharing their interstellar exploits on social media, with one user describing the new app as “RAD.”

“The new NASA Selfies app lets you generate snapshots of yourself in a virtual spacesuit, posing in front of gorgeous cosmic locations, like the Orion Nebula or the center of the Milky Way galaxy,” the release states. “The app also provides information about the science behind these stunning images.”

All you have to do is take a picture of yourself, pick one of 30 backgrounds, then share your new selfie on social media, the release says, adding that all of the background images were captured by Spitzer and the app dresses users in a virtual space suit for the picture.

The Exoplanet Excursions virtual reality app takes users on a guided tour of the TRAPPIST-1 planetary system, the release says.

“TRAPPIST-1 is the only known exoplanet system to host seven roughly Earth-size planets,” the release said.

NASA said in the release that the Spitzer Space Telescope that was launched 15 years ago has played a “major role in detecting these planets and providing information that has helped scientists learn about the planets’ likely compositions.”

NASA released two new apps Wednesday, one that allows you to take selfies in space. - NASA

According to NASA scientists, the planetary system is beyond the reach of telescopes. However, the new virtual reality app shows artists’ renditions of what its seven planets possibly look like.

The app is available for Oculus and HTC Vive headsets through Spitzer’s mission website and a 360-degree video is available on the Spitzer YouTube page, the release said.

In addition to exploring part of the universe, you can also take space selfies by using an app available for free on iOS and Android devices.

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