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Candlestick, cigarettes and laundry used as weapons during a fight, police say

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The attack happened in the bedroom with the candlestick.

Police say two Myrtle Beach residents were involved in a fight and charged both Ann Morchand Merrill, 55, and William H. Hicks, 22, with third-degree assault and battery.

The incident happened about 5 a.m. Tuesday at a Culbertson Avenue apartment. When Hicks returned home, he said, he gave Merrill her credit card, but then she got angry and punched him in the stomach and grabbed a candlestick hitting him in the head, according to a police report.

Merrill told police that Hicks took her credit card and vehicle multiple times and the argument was over him taking items without asking.

Hicks threw a pack of Merrill cigarettes at her, and when she told him to leave the bedroom, he slapped her, according to the report.

Merrill grabbed a laundry basket and hurled it at Hicks, then chucked a candle holder hitting him in the face. She told police, according to the report, she didn’t see where it hit him because of all the candles flying.

“There were candles laying all over the floor, as well as clothes,” police wrote in their report about the bedroom.

The report doesn’t say if officers checked the conservatory or the kitchen.