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Note to subscribers: Join our Facebook group

Our journalists at The Sun News work hard every day to produce stories and videos that are important to you, such as our series on the failure to investigate child sexual assault, a closer look at babies born with drug addictions and the years-long saga concerning Founders Group International and its ownership of several golf courses and property along the Grand Strand.

But let me take a minute and say something we don’t say enough: Thank you for subscribing. Whether you’re a new subscriber or one of our most loyal, we appreciate you. Because of your support, we can hold leaders accountable while keeping you informed.

I’m excited to announce today a new way for us to interact with you. Starting today, we’re inviting all of you to join an exclusive Facebook group only for The Sun News subscribers. By definition, you’re invested in being informed and understanding the intricacies of our community. I hope this will be a place to foster productive conversations around the good and bad in our area with a focus on solutions for those issues.

It’s also a place where you’ll have personal access to reporters, editors and videographers in our newsroom. We want to interact with you as loyal readers concerning the topics we cover. We want you to ask questions concerning stories, but we also want to use this loyal community as a place to bounce off ideas concerning potential stories. This is your chance to help refine our coverage.

We’re ready to listen.

We’ll also use this group to develop more benefits, like subscriber-only events and opportunities as well as exclusive Facebook videos with community leaders. We’ve already successfully launched our Rewards program, but this group will give added benefits and giveaways. Let me take a minute to be transparent here: The goal is to treat you like a valued customer and reader, because you are. Whether you’re a new or longtime subscriber, we want to you to know how much we appreciate your support for local journalism in our community.

Please join us by searching “Sun News subscriber group” on Facebook or following this link. After we’ve confirmed your subscription, introduce yourself and let’s start getting to know each other better.

And, again, thank you for your support.