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What is the tourism development fee?

Residents in North Myrtle Beach are less than a month away from deciding whether or not they will implement the tourism development fee, a 1-percent sales tax that goes toward out-of-state marketing.

But what exactly is the TDF?

The tourism development fee is a 1 cent sales tax on everything but food bought to be prepared. The money goes to a non-profit that is experienced in out-of-area marketing.

For North Myrtle Beach, the money would most likely go to the Chamber of Commerce, like it does in Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach Mayor Marilyn Hatley said during an informational meeting at Tidewater.

"It's not a tax where the entire amount goes back to the city that benefits everyone in the community where we can get all kinds of infrastructure and that kind of thing. 100 percent of it during the first year goes directly to whatever organization we choose for it to go to. Now, you've probably heard that it's going to the chamber. Yes, more than likely if this was to pass it would go to the chamber. But, the law does not say it has to go to the chamber.

"It means that the money you collect under that 1-percent has to be used, by law, for out-of-area marketing," North Myrtle Beach City Manager Mike Mahaney said during an informational meeting at Tidewater. "The first year it all has to be used."

By law, the first year