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South Carolinians are most likely to marry someone from this state

If you’re not having any luck finding a potential spouse here in South Carolina, maybe it’s time to look next door in North Carolina.

TIME did a recent analysis of which states were most compatible when it comes to marriages, and it turns out, South Carolina and North Carolina are “soul states.”

The most compatible states were determined by examining data on 116 million “interstate marriages” in which both partners were born in different states, according to TIME.

“For people from each state, we looked at the most common home states for their spouses compared to the national average,” TIME’s article states.

Interstate marriages between South Carolina and North Carolina are 7.43 times more common than the national average, according to the article.

People are generally more likely to marry someone from their home state, but for those who don’t, they tend to choose a spouse from a state that isn’t far away. The map in the article shows that every state’s “soul state” borders one another, minus Alaska, Connecticut, and Hawaii.

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