And now, the end is here… | Surge Farewell

On the cusp of turning the ripe old alternative magazine age of 10, Surge has turned the page of this final issue and has decided to refocus its efforts digitally. Sure, old Surge stories will remain online, but the entertainment focus will shift to our parent company, The Sun News.

We’ve been edgy and hopefully funny at times. We’ve laughed at you and ourselves. We've brought you news that made you think and opened your eyes to issues facing our area and our generation.

We’ve given you the bands to see, the rallies to be at, and the events to try out. We hope to have made living on the Grand Strand a little more entertaining as we partied our asses off at the House of Blues, Suck Bang Blow, Broadway at the Beach and way too many bars and venues to even try to remember.

Most importantly, we’ve heard from you and seen many of you -- our readers. Whether it was through Street Pulse, Working for a Living features, being quoted in our articles or pictured in our Party Pix, it’s been awesome knowing we have people we relate to along the Grand Strand. Sure we might have shown a little too much skin at times or made you “show us your tatts,” but someone had to do it and we’re glad we did.

Many of the founding staff members are off at various positions throughout the country. We owe a shot to many of them, for they were the ones with the vision and guts to put in print some of the stories that had many of us talking.

Goodbye doesn’t mean forever. You’ll see bits and pieces of Surge’s content in the coming months as we move back in with the parents (parent company that is.)

So, peace out Surge heads. Keep living the lifestyles of piercings, tattoos, binge drinking, bong smoking and threesomes. Just stay out of the police blotter or else you’ll have to move back home, too.