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I’ve been waiting 15 years for you to call me.

Q) Have you always been a local?

A) I moved here 30 years ago. I moved down for one summer, absolutely loved it, came back the next summer, and stayed till now.

Q) Where did you move from?

A) Greenville, North Carolina

Q) Biggest difference between Myrtle Beach and Greenville?

A) Wow, huge difference between Myrtle Beach and Greenville. Greenville is a college town, professionals, families. Myrtle Beach is just wide open.

Q) What was your first job?

A) First job ever I worked at Bojangles. 16, 17 years old.

Q) How did your bartending career start in Myrtle Beach?

A) Well, I got a big break and they hired me at 2001. I started cocktailing there and it wasn’t long until I moved up to bartending. So I left there and I came here. About 20 years ago Broadway at the Beach opened. I spent the first 15 years at the front bar at Malibu’s, I spent the last five in Froggy Bottoms.

Q) Best cure for a hangover?

A) Oh, you’re gonna love this one. And this is from years of experience and it works. Take two lemons, take a lemon and rub it under your armpits the next day. Trust me, it came from a doctors daughter who drank a lot.

Q) Funniest thing you’ve ever seen a drunk person do?

A) You know how long I’ve been bartending? 25 years! I have 25 years worth of stupid things. Oh, I got one. The people that come in on the 21st birthday and do 21 shots. Yeah, never turns out well, we tell them if you throw up on our bar we will make you clean it up.

Q) Should the drinking age be lowered to 18?

A) No, absolutely not, it should be raised to 25.

Q) Advice for the drinking public?

A) Don’t leave your brain at the door. Act smart. I know alcohol impairs your mind, but come on.

Q) How do you deal with difficult customers?

A) I don’t. I’m pretty good with a comeback.

Q) Signature drink?

A) It’s called a one bad apple pie. It was invented by my buddy Josh.

Q)What’s in it?

A) Fireball, apple pucker.

Q) That’s it?

A) No, cranberry, splash of pineapple, splash of sour.

By Josh Bell, For The Surge


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