Wet N Wild Review | Fashion/Beauty

By Stephanie Bouzounis

For The Surge

Wet N Wild is one of those brands that girls first got into when, or if, they got into makeup. Along with Lip Smackers and NYC, Wet N Wild is a brand that seemed ever present during my pre-teen 90s years. I found out via Peta2 on Instagram, that Wet N Wild is one of a handful of cruelty-free beauty brands available at Walmart. So, I decided to give their products a shot.

The first of three items I bought was this really neat eyeshadow pencil in this duo chrome shade called Techno. It’s a purple shadow with hints of blue. I was stoked! A duo chrome eyeshadow, cruelty-free at Walmart, for $1.99? So. Pumped. I swatched it first on my arm, and was a little disappointed with how quickly it faded, which was in two hours. The next day, I wore this product with Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer. It kept the color much better, but by the end of the afternoon, it was severely faded and kind of a bummer.

The second product was the MegaLast lip color for $1.99 in Mochalicious, which is a medium brown shade. When I first swatched this on my arm, the color lasted well into the night. When I actually wore it, and ate, and brushed my teeth, the color was still there. I was surprised that with even no lip pencil, it didn’t feather or look streaky.

For .93 cents, Wet N Wild has Big 3 Free nail polish. While the line wasn’t as extensive as Essie’s, Salon Professional’s, or O.P.I’s, the polish did last through a pretty busy work day typing and writing without chipping or peeling off. The shade I got was a silver cream called Metallica.

While the eyeshadow pencil was a grand disappointment, the lipstick and polish were pleasant surprises. So the final word is – don’t sleep on Wet N Wild yet.