A Necessary End? | Music Notes

You could hardly have been paying much attention if you traveled the Grand Strand’s musical landscape between 2000-2016, and didn’t run into the Necessary Band. Weathering a few personnel changes with professionalism and an ability to reinvent, downsize, and stay relevant, this popular and highly successful local cover band (that dabbled in original music, too) is finally calling it quits after some 16 years of providing music to the masses.

An inductee in the Dead Dog Saloon’s Hall of Fame, it seems fitting that the Necessary Band should hold their farewell show at the Murrells Inlet restaurant and music venue where they played so many gigs. The band will perform Thursday, August 4 at 7:30 p.m.

Mark Necessary, bassist, vocalist and bandleader, has always been at the heart of the band that bore his name, guiding the act through the sometimes-treacherous waters of the music business, even in its earliest days. Now just a week away from a nursing degree from Horry Georgetown Technical College, and with a new rural home in Pickens, S.C., complete with 10-acres, it’s the next step in fulfilling a long-time dream. The entire family, including Mark Necessary’s wife, middle school teacher and photographer Stephanie Necessary, along with their two kids, have answered the call of the South Carolina upstate.

“We’re only 30 minutes from downtown Greenville, two hours to Atlanta, two hours to Charlotte, and one-and-a-half hours to Asheville [N.C.], but we are out in the country,” said Necessary, taking a break from work on “the farm,” to fill us in. With the end of an era, the band’s remaining members have plans, and remembrances, too.

Staying behind are Mike McCoy (guitar/vocals), and original founding member Danny Evans (drums/vocals). “It’s been a good run,” said McCoy who is happy to see Necessary fulfill his dreams. “He’s always wanted to be a farmer,” said McCoy. “This was his dream and he worked hard to get it.” McCoy and Evans have both been a part of the Grocery Store Gentlemen, a four-piece act with Charles Freeman and Nick Andolora. “I hope to do some more solos, write more, and maybe put another solo record out,” said McCoy.

“This is the end of an era,” said Evans, “both musically and in my life. Mark is like a brother. We’re more like family than band mates. We’ll miss playing together, for sure. “

Matt Necessary (part of the original Necessary Brothers), along with former drummer/percussionist Al Wood, and keyboardist Mark “Monty” Montanaro, were also a part of the act in its 16-year stint on the beach.

Necessary will graduate from HGTC Nursing School in a matter of weeks and sit for his South Carolina State Board tests, which he is confident will certify him as an “RN” within a month. He hopes to take his new degree and begin work in the Greenville area. “I’ve really enjoyed the nursing program at Tech. It’s been an eye-opening experience. I’m excited to see where this will take me. I find that I’m really interested in critical care and the ER, but the advice I’ve been getting is to just go get a nursing job on a medical floor for a couple of years, and become a good nurse, and gain the experience. From there, you go anywhere.”

When asked if Necessary’s two young sons, Harley (14), and Miles (12), had forgiven him from moving them from the beach he said” “They’re really coming around. All I had to do was promise them a few pigs and few horses.”

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