Kate from Dick Divitz isn’t too interested in the too intoxicated | Hot Pour


▪ Kate Reburn


▪  Dick Divitz Tap Room

Q) First job?

A) My first job was at Nibil’s in Surfside as a busser.

Q) How did you get into bartending?

A) I just worked my way up from bussing, to hosting, to serving and then bartending.

Q) Hardest part about being a bartender?

A) Dealing with difficult customers.

Q) And how do you deal with difficult customers?

A) Just kill ‘em with kindness. I mean it’s not fun. It’s not the funnest part.

Q) Worst quality in a bar customer?

A) I would say, either rude, or overly intoxicated.

Q) Favorite drink to drink?

A) Jameson.

Q) What is your signature drink?

A) The Coconut Moscow Mule. It’s fresh lime juice, Finlandia coconut vodka, and Gosling’s ginger beer.

By Josh Bell, For The Surge


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