Is Mustang Week just as bad as Bikefest? | Point/Counterpoint

Mustang Week 2014
Mustang Week 2014 Courtesy of YouTube

So if you’ve ever been around Myrtle Beach in May or June, you know the Atlantic Beach Bikefest gets a bad rap.

Sure it’s had its shootings, half-naked women and souped up cars, but the “problem weekend” during Memorial Day has been magnified the last couple of years by the immense police coverage and the creation of a traffic loop to keep cars moving. The loop was created because people we starting street parties, which (apparently) is frowned upon.

But now we’ve gone through another year of drag races along U.S. 17 Bypass, the never-ending sound of revving engines, a shooting (which we’re sure the media didn’t ask if it was Mustang Week-related) and the beautiful marks of burnt-out rubber along Ocean Boulevard. Why didn’t Myrtle “Bleach” make a public stink about that? And to think they are considering welcoming this event in the city limits next year?

So, we asked our debaters: Is Mustang Week just as bad as Bikefest?

Yes it is

Take a look at the crazy, childish markings of burnt rubber along Ocean Boulevard. Did you see some of the Mustang drivers blow black smoke on the driver behind them as they powered through a green light? Have a listen to the loud rumblings of duel-exhaust engines revving along Kings and Ocean Boulevard, and I promise you’ll forget about the noise — like the local media did — because they are not black bikers.

OK, so I’m not here to start a race riot. I’m here to start a societal riot. Parts of society don’t know how to act. You can drive a Mustang or a Moped. If you’re a jerk, you’re a jerk.

But we don’t hear too much about it. Is it because there’s not a loop? Is it because the police don’t send out news releases or the city doesn’t issue a statement? Does the local media not look into it? Maybe it’s a combination of all of it. Either way, Mustang Week (and I don’t care if it’s Chrysler LeBaron Week) has people who act the same way that some people do during Black Bike Week — with the attitude that no one else matters but me.

No it is not

Are you kidding me? Are we even comparing these?

Mustang Week: Where a few thousand spread across the Grand Strand and (for the most part) obey traffic laws and have common courtesy.

Bikefest: A few hundred thousand people (some law abiding) centralize in Atlantic Beach and Myrtle Beach with a no-one-cares attitude?

Now sure, there may be some added action that needs to be taken to make sure Mustang Week doesn’t get out of hand, but it is nowhere near Bikefest. Add the murders. Look at the dress code Bikefest seems to have. Check that atmosphere with the atmosphere of some loud engines.

I’ll take a few tire marks on Ocean Boulevard over a body-chalk outline any day.