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▪ Tammy Hamm


▪ Jimmagan's Pub

Q) How long have you lived here?

A) 20 years.

Q) Where are you originally from?

A) I'm from Lumberton, NC.

Q) How did you get down to Myrtle Beach?

A) It was a very small town at the time, and I said "I gotta get out of here." I didn't know one person when I moved here, and now I have..I mean...there's nowhere you can go in this town without knowing somebody.

Q) First job?

A) My official first job was when I was 16, I world at Rite-Aid Pharmacy. My unofficial job before I was legally able to get a job, I worked on a farm all my life.

Q) What was farm life like?

A) Horrible. It was horrible. That's why I said as soon as I could get out of it, I was done.

Q) Any interesting stories about life on the farm?

A) As soon as I was [big] enough to mash the brake on the tractor, that's when I started...I was like seven years old, as soon as I was big enough I started driving the tractor.

Q) How did you get into bartending?

A) Well I went to dental school, I worked part time as a bartender. When I moved down here, I got a job with a dentist and realized that the pay was...different. So I started working two nights a week down at what used to be Droopy's. I found out I couldd make twice as much money and work half as much.

Q) Hardest part about being a bartender?

A) Smiling when people aren't very nice.

Q) Favorite drink?

A) Anybody that knows me says, "Oh Tammy'll have a Jager."

Q) What does drunk Tammy look like?

A) I just get a little more happy. I don't think I change much but I don't ask my friends.

Q) Signature drink?

A) The Long Island Iced Tea. It's gin, rum, tequila and vodka, you have a splash of cola, and instead of doing the mixes, I do fresh lemon and lime, toss it together, add some cherries and there you go.

By Josh Bell, For The Surge


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