Extreme Beer Fest | Beer Chick

We are a mere two weeks away from one of the most fun and unique beer fests in the area: The 2nd Annual Extreme Beer Fest, put on by Atlas Tap House in downtown Myrtle beach.

It may not come as a shock that Atlas Tap House just might be my favorite bar on the beach. While I know the many other wonderful and beautiful craft beer bars around town are each glorious for various reasons, Atlas has a few that I can’t ignore and they know who their target audience is: The craft beer lover.

Last year, Atlas took their first dive into the pool of festivals and wound up hosting something totally spectacular. The Extreme Beer fest was a huge hit with the veteran craft beer community and also a great way for those getting started to get a dose of some big time players. The idea behind Extreme is to make “extreme” beers accessible.

Throughout every year there are special releases and highly coveted ales that always disappear from kegs and shelves the moment they show up. Atlas began collecting these types of beers, specifically to put together this event and share the best with its favorite customers, the craft beer community.

Last year was awesome, and I have many fond memories of sipping things I had missed out on trying, and my favorites that I simply couldn’t get enough of. This year Atlas is stepping up its game with some incredible new ideas to its beer fest line up: The Mexican Cake Standoff station and The Bourbon Barrel Stout Mixing station!

Westbrook Brewing Co. (Mount Pleasant, SC) brews the infamous, world-class Mexican Cake Imperial stout. It sells out in minutes and getting a taste of that stout packed with vanilla bean, cinnamon, coca nibs, and habanero pepper heat is a rare treat. Not only will this sought after stout be on tap at Extreme Beer Fest, but next to 6 other competing-for-your-appreciation “Mexican Cake” style beers from other breweries. Which one will be your favorite?

The Bourbon Barrel Stout Mixing Station will be another highlight that you wont want to miss. Owner Aaron Gifford explains: “As most great things happen (by total accident) we one day mixed a small amount of Boulevard Rye On Rye with Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout and Eureka! What we had was a beer that tasted surprisingly close to a Founders KBS or Goose Island Bourbon County. So we will be continuing the experiment at EBF with a station mixing numerous limited release imperial stouts.”

Get ready to get creative and try something truly extreme!

Of course, those new stations are in addition to the over 25 “white whales” that Atlas has been stocking up on for your sampling pleasure. Wristbands for the event are only $40 in advance and $50 day of for as many 7oz samples as you care to try. Oh and I did I mention there’s going to be free food too?!

Hold on to your sample glasses beer lovers, the next two months are are going to be a wild and hopped-up ride! We’ve got beer fests, we’ve got new craft bars coming to the area, and we’ve got new beer rolling into town every week! I hope your calendar is as full of beer as mine is!

Up next is Monk-a-Polooza at the Grumpy Monk on August 27th and Coastal Uncorked’s Brews N’ the Beach on Sept 3rd!