If you don’t like Ghostbusters with women, are you a misogynist? | Point/Counterpoint

Oh yay, another Ghostbuster movie. I look forward to that as much as I look forward to a remake of the TV show Small Wonder.

In other words, it was fun while it lasted, but thank goodness it is in our past. Or so we thought.

America’s favorite actress we love praising for doing the same shpiel over and over, Melissa McCarthy, will likely be demeaned as the overweight funny woman of the movie (she always is), and it’ll leave you with a little nostalgia and probably a lot of regret.

But not everyone is like this non-Ghostbuster fan. Some don’t like it because... IT WAS REMADE WITH WOMEN! *Gasp* The haters of those hating on Ghostbusters are claiming misogyny — a dislike of or prejudice against women.

So we asked our debaters: If you don’t like Ghostbusters with women, are you a misogynist?

No, you are not a misogynist

So this week marks the release of the biggest piece of garbage in cinematic history, “Ghostbusters”, starring three amazingly untalented comediennes and one hilarious comedienne who apparently took a wrong turn and winded up in this piece of crap.

With that topic on the table, we must address what the internet has shoved down our throats for the past year now, that people hate this film before they’ve even seen it because they are all misogynists.

Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. And Donald Trump is on national television every single day.

Where do I begin.

NO ONE hates this abomination because they’re women. NO ONE. It’s 2016, no one gives a CRAP if women want to do the same things men do, no one is trying to stop them from voting, or shopping at Costco, or wearing pants. People hate this dumpster fire because it’s NOT FUNNY.

Paul Feig, esteemed director of “Bridesmaids” (also NOT FUNNY) has released trailer after trailer after trailer promoting this diaper stain and the media continues to shovel things like, “this trailer will make misogynists mad, because it’s GREAT!”

The problem is, it’s NOT great. It’s the farthest thing from great. It’s stupid. The trailer is hands-down one of the worst things Ive ever experienced in my entire life. Melissa McCarthy falling down and saying “damn hell” repeatedly is not funny. Leslie Jones screaming loudly and being portraying a stereotype is not funny.

Media companies, we get it, “Ghostbusters” cut you a big promotion check and so now it’s the greatest, funniest movie of all time.

The general philosophy behind this ridiculously stupid backwards thinking is, that we ALL have to think Melissa McCarthy falling down and cursing is funny. Because if we don’t think that Melissa McCarthy falling down and cursing is funny we are all misogynistic. And also Leslie Jones screaming really loud and being angry all the time is HILARIOUS. If you don’t agree that Leslie Jones screaming really loud and being angry all the time is hilarious, then you are misogynistic. And “Ghostbusters” BETTER win best screenplay ever of all time. For the next seven years. Because if it doesn’t it has nothing to do with the fact that it wasn’t funny, it’s because everybody is misogynistic.

Can we please stop? With this? Please? Things are allowed to suck and no one is being persecuted for that. Pootie Tang didn’t win an Oscar. Didn’t even get a nomination. This of course HAS to mean the Academy is racist, right? NO!! It’s because Pootie Tang sucks. Plain and simple. You’ll neve find someone who’s favorite movie is Pootie Tang. Has NOTHING to do with race.

In the same vein, the Ghostbusters remake is GOD AWFUL. Does that mean we all hate women? No, we don’t. People in general just like things that are funny. Melissa McCarthy farting and cursing isn’t funny. Taking a BELOVED film and remaking it, putting women in the roles is not something that was EVER going to work out. Don’t get me wrong, We all love Jennifer Lawrence, but if she accepts the role of Martha McFly and we remake “Back to the Future”? I’m done with her. Forever.

To sum up.

Guy: “Hey man, what’d you think of the new Ghostbusters movie?”

Me: “I mean, I really didn’t love it. It just wasn’t that funny to me, in particular.”

Guy: oh, well, that’s really very interesting, because YOU’RE A MISOGYNIST

Can we please just all think something sucks? Please? For no reason other than it sucks?

Yes, you are a misogynist

`As of the writing of this column, you ARE a misogynist if you do not like the new Ghostbusters. How do I know? Because it’s not even July 15 yet (as of the writing of this), and you’ve already ruled it out. Why? Because of a few lousy reviews? Why? Because the trailers aren’t funny? Or is it because you’ve always kind of put down what women do after men.

Like the WNBA.

You probably scoff at the people who loudy proclaim “men make more money than women” rather than looking at the facts. The thought of mentioning a woman as one of the greatest athletes of all time does not cross your mind. And who is to blame you? You’ve grown up in a society that places women second in strength, in smarts and in earning potential.

It doesn’t make it right. Give the movie a chance and don’t rule it out because of the “GirlBusters.”