It’s all in the family for Amanda at Flynn’s in North Myrtle Beach | Hot Pour


▪ Amanda Flynn


▪ Flynn’s Irish Tavern

Q) How long has your family owned Flynn’s?

A) 15 years.

Q) Are you a local?

A) No. I’m form New Jersey.

Q) What was your first job?

A) My first job ever? I worked at a day care center. I don’t have children...for that reason...

Q) How long have you been a bartender?

A) 23 years.

Q) Favorite shot?

A) Jameson.

Q) Should the drinking age be lowered to 18?

A) NO. 21 year olds are idiots when they’re drunk.

Q) If you get truly bad service is it ok to stiff your bartender?

A) Yes.

Q) Best tip you’ve ever gotten?

A) I got $200 off of a $10 bill.

Q) Any perks to being a bartender?

A) I don’t have to wake up early. And I can drink.

Q) Best way to get a bartender’s attention?

A) Oh, snap your fingers, that’s AWESOME.

Q) Are there some drinks you hate making?

A) Oh an Old Fashioned. Who orders that?

Q) Are you voting?

A) Oh yeah. I’m voting for the Donald.

Q) Signature drink?

A) My signature drink is the Kilt Lifter. It’s like a spin on a Bloody Mary but it has Jameson, Guiness, Absolut, and Bloody Mary mix. It’s spicy.

By Josh Bell, For The Surge


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