Local Television Game Show Moves to New Location | Wild Card

By Roger Yale

For The Surge

Buzz Berry on the set of Sqrambled Scuares. Courtesy photo.
Buzz Berry on the set of Sqrambled Scuares. Courtesy photo.

After more than three years at the Myrtle Beach Mall, local television game show Sqrambled Scuares has moved to an expanded location at Barefoot Landing, bringing with it a shiny new digital set.

Having originally aired on WBFX in the Greensboro/Winston Salem, NC, market in 1999, Sqrambled Scuares is arguably the longest-running local American television game show. It taped on the Grand Strand for the first time in December 2012.

Show creator, producer and host Buzz Berry told The Surge that new location is in the waterway strip area of Barefoot Landing.

“We are just to the left of the Alabama Theatre, right there on the [Intracoastal] Waterway,” he said, adding that folks can pull right up in front of the location and that it is much more accessible.

Considering the fact that he had a full production studio to move, we asked Berry to elaborate on the process.

“It was quite an undertaking,” he said. “There are a lot of wires – a lot of cabling – and equipment that had to be taken apart, loaded up and moved – so it was quite a challenge.”

He says the move was a good one, and that all of the hard work has paid off.

“We are in a much better location. We have a much better set, and it’s much more accessible for folks to come and be a part of the game show experience.”

For those audience members with a technical curiosity, they can now look into the control room via a window and watch the director and audio technician at work.

Sqrambled Scuares tapes Thursday nights at 7 p.m. with the doors opening at 6:30 p.m. The show airs Monday through Friday on HTC digital channel 4 at 7 p.m. and Time Warner channel 47 at 6:30 p.m. Alternatively, episodes can be viewed on demand at or on the show’s Facebook page.

Audience members also have the chance to become contestants.

“I think the charm of Sqrambled Scuares is that anybody can come sit in our studio audience and watch the television game show come to life right in front of their eyes. But if they want to possibly be a part of the show and be a contestant, they can fill out a contestant application form when they get here, and it’s really simple.”

They will be asked to provide a number between one and 160 – and a letter of the alphabet.

“Whoever comes closest to the two of them is how we determine our contestants – right then and there.”

For Berry, Sqrambled Scuares is all about fun.

“The joy that I get out of Sqrambled Scuares is the smile on everybody’s faces when it is all said and done and they are leaving – and can’t wait to come back and experience it again. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Berry says he believes that people think of fun when they think of Myrtle Beach – and that Sqrambled Scuares is fun through and through – from free refreshments and door prizes – to the very real possibility that folks might see Berry walking on his hands and preshow entertainment by a Rodney Dangerfield impersonator.

He also has plans to grow the enterprise.

“As part of this transition, we are intent on putting the show in small, convenient size markets across the U.S. But also with our new digital set – which is just amazing – I think we’re ready to take this to another level too – to where we want a national television game show coming out of Myrtle Beach. I think it could happen, and I think it could be phenomenal.”