The Grand Strand jobs that get you the most action | Cover Story

The weather is heating up and summer is almost here. Soon there will be half-naked glistening bodies lining the beach with the sun beating down.

With so much skin showing and the careless “I’m on vacation” attitude, we’re coming up on the most wonderful time of the year for those who are libido-driven. And what fun is there (don’t anwer that) if you do it by yourself? We need someone toshow them a good time. We have plenty of Myrtle Beach brand ambassadors — we need bed ambassadors.

We need people who can show visitors and locals alike that the obnoxious dancing at Broadyway at the Beach or Ocean Annie’s or (insert your favorite place to dance) can actually translate into a good game of between the sheets. We need to be pioneers of educating tourists that sex on the beach is more than just a shot — it’s against the law. No really, it is. Find a room where the curtains work.

Some have taken to swipe right to find true love (for one night), while others just have to swipe their time card.

We’re talking about good laying jobs, and there are plenty of them in Myrtle Beach and along the Grand Strand. Ever make it to the beach and think, ‘Oo, who is that lifegaurd? Now only if this ring could come off of my finger!’

I haven’t either, but I’m sure some have. As a matter of fact, we talked to some of the beach’s hardest workers who have not only had to deal with their personal sex appeal, but the fact that they have jobs that draw attention to them sexually.

These jobs simply make it easier to get laid. Employees in these fields have outgoing personalities, killer smiles and sometimes even a love of danger.

The Classic Bartender

“It’s a great way to meet people,” said Alex Seremetiev, a bartender from Myrtle Beach of his job. “Networking in general but definitely in terms of meeting girls. It’s a lot easier.”

Seremetiev, who is tatted up and in pretty good physical shape, said he’s approached by female customers all the time.

Honestly, sometimes it’s too easy. It’s like somehow bartending is a magnetic attraction.

Alex Seremetiev

“They usually approach me,” said Seremetiev. “Honestly, sometimes it’s too easy. It’s like somehow bartending is a magnetic attraction.”

Bartending and nightlife aren’t the only jobs with that certain sex appeal. There are many jobs out there which make people who do them more approachable and sexy.

The Lifeguard

“If I am on the beach, people feel comfortable approaching me,” said Denny Starr, a lifeguard in Myrtle Beach. “Also, many feel comfortable flirting or asking for pictures.”

Starr said people are sometimes more persistent when they approach him while he’s working. His dark tan draws the ladies to his stand.

The Pilot

“We do things and go places many people do not get the chance to. Girls want to be a part of it,” said Joe Defeo, a pilot who’s a bit of a daredevil from Myrtle Beach.

We do things and go places many people do not get the chance to. Girls want to be a part of it.

Joe Defeo

“There’s an element of danger to it that some women goes nuts over,” said Defeo. “Plus, I get to wear a pretty sweet pair of Ray Bans.”

Defeo said women do get more excited when they find out his profession.

“There are few better ice breakers out there,” Defeo said of using his job titled when meeting someone for the first time.

The Masseuse

Gentlemen.. ahem... are not the only ones in these positions. The desirable ladies of the working world (surprise, surprise) are approached as well.

At times, these not so subtle advances can go a little more extreme.

I absolutely love telling people what I do. Of course, often I hear ‘happy ending.’

Cate DeLauter

“I absolutely love telling people what I do,” said Cate DeLauter, a massage therapist of Myrtle Beach. “Of course, often I hear ‘happy ending.’”

DeLauter must catch them with her stunning smile, but she also makes clients feel comfortable enough to say most anything.

DeLauter said clients sometimes take their advances even further by attempting to request where she touches their bodies.

These jobs do have their perks and you never know what you might hear or see during a shift. There is also a good chance of running into clients after work when there is a potential for things to get hotter.

I got a note one time that was literally just a phone number, her name and said ‘Call for a good time.’

Alex Seremetiev

“I get lots and lots of phone numbers,” said Seremetiev. “I got a note one time that was literally just a phone number, her name and said ‘Call for a good time.’

“They know, for the most part, it’s usually no strings attached,” said Seremetiev of the girls he’s approached by. “People don’t usually like dating bartenders because they know the circumstances surrounding that and see that as pretty threatening. It’s easy pickings for one night stands...or two or three.”

Top 5 jobs to get you laid

1) Entrepreneur: Your leadership and ability to take risks makes you look more confident, and confidence is a large factor in getting laid. Plus, if you run a good business, you are bound to make a lot of money and money can make any ugly person more attractive.

2) Musician: If you are good at what you do, you can serenade someone by singing or playing a guitar… And if you suck you can always find a couple groupies to get with.

3) Pro Athlete: Just look at Tiger Woods. He plays the boring sport of golf and still had a bunch of mistresses. Pro sports gets you laid big time!

4) Chef: This profession works best for women since guys love a good sandwich.

5) Doctor: You're probably successful and make a lot of money, and people are attracted to money…err, success..we mean intelligence!