HB2 in North Carolina: Restrict the bathrooms or let ‘em pee? | Point/Counterpoint

House Bill 2, which allows people to use the gender of the restroom of which they identify with, has caused quite a stir and quite some trouble for the state of North Carolina, whose governor said he wants men in men’s room and women in women’s room.

It’s all part of this generation identity: Who do you identify as? No longer is it necessary to have a penis to be a man or a vagina to be a woman.

Men for men, women for women

It seems like every week we get another issue that is out of hand. This one is no exception.

Trust me, it crossed my mind as a teenager to play the part of my female friends’ gay friend in high school. According to the movies, they would change clothes around me, invite me to sleepovers, and even have pillow fights in those booty shorts that all women wear to bed, right?

But then I grew up and realized that’s not real life. Sure it works for geeky Hollywood stars like Anthony Michael Hall, but it wouldn’t for geeky reporter guy. Why? Because it’s not right. Much like this law that let’s anyone use the restroom with the gender they identify with. If that’s the case, I, as a man, identify with women during shower time at the YMCA. Ya, that’s how ridiculous it sounds.

Let ‘em pee

This is one of the greatest times in U.S. History. People are identifying with who they really are! If you’re a man who feels like a woman, be that! Or vice versa.

The argument that we are inviting perverts into women’s bathrooms is absurd. Not all people think that way.

If a transgender person wants to use a bathroom from either sex, let them be... or pee. They are doing so in enclosed stalls (most of the time). We are allowing the opinions of people who argue extreme circumstances get a microphone to debate something that is really done behind closed doors.

Let people be who they are and let them pee in peace.