Beauty blogger looks at Too Faced, Covergirl, and NYX Mascara | Beauty

By Stephanie Bousounis

For The Surge.

Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced - $23 - Available at Ulta and Sephora - By far, my favorite mascara. Next to They’re Real by Benefit, this mascara has given my lashes the lift and body I want. The wand is thick, the bristles tight, and the wand shape is like an hourglass. However, this mascara has a tendency to flake, so don’t rub your eyes! At night when I remove it with Simple’s Micellar Water, it’s a little bit harder to get off my lashes than other brands.

Eyelights Mascara by Covergirl - $8.00 - Available at Walmart and Drugstores - This mascara’s color was in “black gold”, which I thought was interesting and could potentially make my brown eyes stand out. The wand was cone-shaped, and the bristles short and fanned out. This mascara did an okay job. I was faithful to Covergirl’s LashBlast Mascara for years, which is famously in a bright orange tube and was touted by Drew Barrymore in commercials. However, I didn’t care for the job this did. Sure, there’s a difference with this product on vs. when I wasn’t wearing anything, but it didn’t make my eyes feel any more gorgeous than what they normally are. This product wasn’t as easy to remove as the NYX mascara, but easier to remove than Two Faced’s mascara.

Pin Up Tease Mascara by NYX - $6.00 - Available at Ulta, Walmart, and Target - The wand for this mascara looked a lot like the wand for Covergirl’s Eyelights, just kind of bent. The formula for this, and I chock it up to the formula because the wand is so similar to Covergirl’s, did not give the same lift that the Eyesights mascara did. Granted, I didn’t use my eyelash curler either time, but I wasn’t impressed. If you’re going to name something “Pin Up”, what comes to mind is big and sexy. My lashes using this product were neither of those things. Which is disappointing, NYX does put out good lip products. I just expected their mascaras to be just as good.