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Woman and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good Very Bad Day

And the Worst-Day-Ever award goes to…this woman.

A woman was picked up on Yaupon Drive (surprise surprise) and driven to a Myrtle Beach hotel parking garage where she was assaulted with a box cutter, hit, and run over during a robbery, and other-Yaupon-esque activites.

Myrtle Beach police were called about 6:40 p.m. April 8 to the Sea Mist hotel parking garage on the 1200 block of South Ocean Boulevard for a car crash involving injuries, authorities said.

A 49-year-old woman told authorities she was offered a ride by a man in a white truck while she was walking down Yaupon Drive, which is always a sign that bad things are probably about to happen to you. No one’s life has ever gotten better after getting into a strangers vehicle on Yaupon Drive. Write that down.

The man asked her if she was a “working girl” because she was walking on Yaupon Drive then drove over to the Sea Mist hotel parking garage and parked his truck, according to a police report.

The suspect then pulled out a box cutter and demanded she empty her pockets. She said they got into a struggle, and she was cut with the box cutter and hit by the suspect, police said.

The victim told police the suspect took two cellphones from her and ran her over with his truck as he drove away from the scene; however, the victim declined EMS assistance for her injuries.

The victim had a cut on her hand, face, and lip, police said. A box cutter and the suspect’s jacket were found on scene and were logged as evidence, authorities said.

A 42-year-old female witness told police she was getting out of her Jeep when she heard the victim shouting “leave me alone” and “give me my phones,” according to the report.

The witness also heard the victim shouting “he’s trying to kill me,” police said.

The woman said she saw the victim being hit and walked over and witnessed the victim lying on the ground as the suspect ran her over as he left the area. Some may say that is completely normal considering the location, but it’s not normal.

She said she yelled for a nearby couple to get the suspect’s vehicle tag number.

Myrtle Beach police released photos through social media channels of the suspect in his truck Saturday and requested the public’s help in locating the suspect.

His white F150 Ford truck has black rims and a Carolina Panthers sticker on the front windshield, along with three other stickers across the back glass of his truck cab, police said. The truck also has a deer head decal above both F150 symbols, so pretty much every black truck in Myrtle Beach.

Anyone with information on the suspect or the truck can call the Myrtle Beach Police Department at 843-918-1382.

Man, woman charged with prostitution in Myrtle Beach

A 44-year-old woman and 40-year-old man were each arrested in connection with prostitution after police conducted a traffic stop, and the man told authorities he offered the woman money in exchange for sex, which was his first alleged mistake.

Julie Ann Perritt of Myrtle Beach is charged with prostitution, first offense, improper lane change, (which could probably be explained by the whole having sex in traffic thing) and failure to appear, according to J. Reuben Long Detention Center records.

Jerry Aubrey Almond of Myrtle Beach is also charged with prostitution, along with public intoxication, according to Myrtle Beach Jail records.

Myrtle Beach officers were on patrol about 12:40 a.m. April 11 in the area of 15th Avenue South and (hey, look where we are again!) Yaupon Drive when they noticed Perritt’s car in the middle of the roadway on 15th Avenue South, according to a police report.

Authorities noticed the driver speaking with a man who was walking down the street and saw him get into the car. Police followed the car and saw that the driver crossed the double yellow line on the roadway, and authorities then conducted a traffic stop.

Police asked Perritt how she knew Almond, and she said he was a family member’s boyfriend. She also told police she had no drugs in the car, but said there may have been a spoon she used for narcotics inside the car, according to the report.

Almond told police Perritt was just giving him a ride to a nearby grocery store, and officers noted he seemed very nervous. Completely understandable, if he thought he was going to Wal-Mart, so that checks out. He then told police he offered Perritt $60 in exchange for sex, authorities said, which to be quite honest is a bargain in this economy.

Perritt said Almond offered her $60, but not in exchange for sex.

Makes sense. Tons of gentlemen offer women money for nothing in return, that’s a thing dudes do. You’re welcome, ladies.

Almond then told police he was walking down the street when Perritt drove up and asked him what he was looking for and he told her “one of the girls who walks the street,” and she told him to get into her car, police said.


She asked if he was a cop and he said he wasn’t. She asked him what he was looking for and he said sex and told her he had $60.

Almond had a strong smell of alcohol emitting from him, and he told police he had been drinking, according to the report.

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