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Char Siu Pork Belly at The Chemist in downtown Myrtle Beach. Photo by Emily Smith for The Surge.
Char Siu Pork Belly at The Chemist in downtown Myrtle Beach. Photo by Emily Smith for The Surge.

Setting the Table

Cooking is chemistry. Sometimes however, it’s easier to let the professionals experiment for you. If you’d like to go where drinks are served in beakers by lab coat wearing attendants, then walk up a little from the boulevard to The Chemist.

This modern restaurant looks almost more like a laboratory than it does a dining establishment, which of course draws attention even from across the street. A chic vibe is found in every detail of this young bar, from the beautiful light fixtures down to the LED menu on the periodic tables.

Their specialty is right under their name, but even if it weren’t, one glimpse at The Chemist would give you a good idea of what to expect. Craft cocktails and modern cuisine is an apt description of what to expect in this restaurant, although it might also be prudent to expect the unexpected.

Down the Hatch

Molecular gastronomy is a trendy new way to enjoy eating, and The Chemist is the first in the area to really explore what that means. Nitrogen has been popping up in multiple restaurants in the area, from coffee to desserts, and they have all been wildly popular. The Chemist seems to be working hard to take it even further.

Their craft cocktail menu is impressive and wonderfully creative with a few new takes on old favorites, like the Molecular Mule originated from the popular drink, Moscow Mule. Some drinks come in a small copper pitcher and others arrive in beakers.

The food menu is smaller than their available drinks, yet each item is unique and has different aspects going for it, so take the time to read everything. Some dishes can come out looking like science experiments, which really adds to the experience.

The Sous-Vide Lamb with risotto was fantastically tender, and would definitely cause cravings for all meat to be cooked the same way. The Char Siu pork belly on top of shaved Brussel sprouts was also wonderfully flavorful with nicely crisped sides. No matter what you decide on, the food is delicious… and occasionally weird.

Check, Please

Because molecular gastronomy is rather time consuming and involves high-quality ingredients, the prices are steep at The Chemist. Cocktails are between $9-12 and food options can range from $9 to $23.

Weekdays, the bar does have a few Happy Hour deals from 4-7p.m., like $2 shots of four of their craft cocktails. Their Facebook page also shows off a few mysterious options that aren’t found on the menu, so peruse their posts before dropping by the restaurant for a better idea of what to expect.

The Chemist opens their lab every day at 4 p.m. and keeps those beakers bubbling until midnight. Although it is a rather expensive adventure, it is an experience that must be done at least once. However, even just one visit will surely inspire you to return again to see what experiments the scientists have cooked up next.

If you eat

What | The Chemist

Where | 300 9th Ave North, Myrtle Beach

Info |, 843-445-7077