Hot Pour | From barback to bartender, Michael Pombrio will charm you at Good Time Charley’s


▪  Michael Pombrio


▪  Good Time Charley’s

Q) First job?

A) My first job working in this business was working at the Freaky Tiki back in 2003, 2004.

Q) Craziest Freaky Tiki story?

A) I’ve had so many. There was one that was really bad. Somebody actually attacked Ron Jeremy when we had him down for a visit.

Q) What was RJ like?

A) You see him on TV every now and then now, that’s pretty much how he is. He’s a little rough around the edges these days.

Q) Best concert you’ve ever been to?

A) Actually I saw JET at the House of Blues here in Myrtle Beach, back like, this must’ve been, about 10 years ago? Really good show. Really, really good show.

Q) How did you get into bartending?

A) I started out as a barback and VIP host. Once you get back there behind the bar, you start to pick up a couple things. I basically learned how to mix drinks back there, I never had any formal training or anything.

Q) Favorite drink to make?

A) Maybe my favorite, or one of my favorite drinks to make, is the mojito. We do this blood orange mojito here that’s actually really good.

Q) Favorite drink to consume?

A) You know I’m a pretty simple guy, I like, just a shot of Jameson every now and then.

Q) Celebrity crush?

A) Rachel McAdams, for sure.

Q) Are you into politics at all?

A) I do actually think that the Trump circus has gotten a little out of control. You know I’m a Bernie fan, to be honest.

Q) Signature drink?

A) My signature drink is the blood orange mojito. Obviously it’s a regular mojito with mint leaves, lime, oranges, blood orange, Skyy vodka.

By Josh Bell, For The Surge