Gut Reaction | New owners working to improve Spring House in North Myrtle Beach

The exterior of Spring House Family Restaurant in North Myrtle Beach. Photo by Emily Smith for The Surge.
The exterior of Spring House Family Restaurant in North Myrtle Beach. Photo by Emily Smith for The Surge.

Setting the Table

Breakfast restaurants have a lot of history in the Grand Strand, and there are some strips of the county with multiple pancake houses side by side, one after the other. There are chains, franchises, and family-owned restaurants, each one loved for different reasons. One such business is the Spring House Family Restaurant in North Myrtle Beach, near Barefoot Landing.

Spring House has been around for two and a half decades but was recently bought by a new family last fall who has since been trying to improve the restaurant. Although the building still has that 90’s feel, the new owners work to keep it clean and welcoming.

One of the aspects that help the Spring House get attention is their collection of live birds in a loft above the dining area, whose tweets and chirps encourage a “spring” ambiance. Of course, the cages are kept clean and separated from any of the air ducts in order to keep up with health regulations.

Down the Hatch

Although they might be a little short on staff, every member of the team is friendly, attentive, and willing to engage with their customers. The breakfast menu consists of all the classics like omelets, pancakes, and waffles.

There are also specialty platters and skillets, such as the Spring House Skillet that’s loaded with vegetables, meat, and eggs on top of home fries with some cheese and hollandaise sauce. The skillets come out very hot and are quite filling all on their own. The sauce might have been a little overwhelming, but the flavors all worked well together to make for a filling breakfast.

Most breakfasts do come with a side, like toast or a cinnamon streusel cake. Other sides include grits, pancakes, or home fries so there is plenty of mixing guests can do. Spring House respectfully asks, however, that no substitutions be made.

Check, Please

When it comes to pricing, Spring House has pretty good range, which is generally expected from pancake houses. The most expensive breakfast is $10, and you will pay for coffee and juice (with free refills). A skillet with coffee and orange juice was around $14 before tax and tip.

Spring House opens at 7 a.m. and also has lunch available, which begins at 11 a.m. every day until 2 p.m. when they close. Their lunch menu still has great prices, with the most expensive being around $11. From Wednesday to Saturday, Spring House also opens again at 5 p.m. to serve dinner until 9 p.m.

With new owners that care about the building, its history, and most of all their customers, this 25-year old restaurant is in good hands. Work is continually being done to improve the structure and appearance, all while taking the concerns and critiques of their guests seriously and graciously. Spring House is surely on its way to becoming a breakfast house for all ages.

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What | Spring House Family Restaurant

Where | 4601 Highway 17 South, North Myrtle Beach

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