TV Show ‘Fit to Fat to Fit’ - Foolish or profound?

It’s coming upon bikini season, or, for some of us, bikini watching season. Are you ready?

Don’t drop your copy of The Surge and go start doing sit ups now. If you haven’t been eating right and exercising regularly, that set of eight-pack abs ain’t coming by Memorial Day.

As I was perusing through the channels the other night, likely with a bowl of popcorn and a Pepsi, I came across the show “Fit to Fat to Fit” on A&E. It has a personal trainer gain a bunch of weight and then lose it with a new overweight client. In fairness it runs with the disclaimer: “Do not try this at home.” So we asked our debaters: Is the idea of this show foolish or profound?


If a show runs with that disclaimer, it’s usually not a good idea for their guinea pig to try it. Someone who is fit should not subject themselves to inactivity and extreme weight gain in a four-month period. There are health concerns, like heart issues, fertility issues and more that are associated with gaining an incredible amount of weight in a short period of time. And that’s all for what? the entertainment of a TV show?

A&E, known for its goofy “Married at First Sight” series, has stooped to a low that can be compared to the failed “Temptation Island” of 2003. This series is goofy and it is going to put someone in danger. But I guess that’ll crank up the ratings.


Understand before trying to be understood. It is all a part of Leadership 101. If a personal trainer, some of whom have been blessed with great metabolisms, have never been fat, then how can they properly coach someone who is fat to lose weight?

People eat fatty foods and sit around all the time (like what most of you are doing now.) Sure these trainers probably shouldn’t binge eat, but they’ve set their lifestyle to where, of all bodies, their bodies can probably handle it.

This program is perfectly designed to show people that at no time, whether a lifetime fatty or your fatness is new, should anyone ever think it’s too late to live a healthier lifestyle.