Pucker up with these post winter/early spring lip care tips

By Stephanie Bouzounis

For The Surge

With the temperatures fluctuating daily, my lips have been chapped to the max. I tried three different lip balms, and this is what I’d recommend:

Burt’s Bees Revitalizing Lip Balm – $3 at Walmart, Target, Ulta – Mmm. So, ole Burt’s has been a longstanding favorite of mine. It’s always kept my lips moisturized any time of year. This flavor was...weird. As a food combo, blueberry and dark chocolate sounds ah-mahz-ing. In a lip balm – weird. But. Did it do the job? Hell yeah it did. I mean, I’d still be using it if I didn’t catch strep back in November. (Yeah, that’s how far behind I am on writing...Don’t judge. Life happens.)It has almost a creaminess to its application and went on thick. The more I applied it, the less often I had to apply it. If that makes sense. In comparison to EOS and Chapstick, it’s far better than EOS in terms of moisturisation, however, it’s about equal with Chapstick.

Chapstick Hydration Lock – about $2.50 at Walmart, Drugstores – I got this lip balm in a Birchbox ages ago. It was so impressive I even thought about converting from Burt’s Bees to this stuff. It had a creamy texture that really coated the lips. Something that is necessary in the Wintertime. And, you can find it for a comparable price to ole Burt’s. Maybe even cheaper. Definitely a favorite in my lip balm series, and would rank it higher than EOS.

EOS Lip Balm – $3 at Walmart, Target, Drugstores, etc. – I first saw EOS lip balm in Walmart about two years ago. So, when coming up with what lip balms to review, I naturally thought about including EOS. I started using the strawberry flavored one sometime in late November when the weather was going back and forth between dry and cold, and humid and warm. There were times when I needed it more than others. Here’s the truth I found about EOS, that I knew back then and that I reminded myself of now – it’s not an exceptionally great lip balm. Yeah, it’ll moisturize your lips if you’re looking like Linda Blair in The Exorcist. But it didn’t do a better job than Chapstick Hydration Lock or Burt’s Bees Revitalizing Lip Balm with Blueberry and Dark Chocolate.